This week a new client came in the office.  I introduced myself to her and her husband.  She looked at me and said, "You look familiar.  Like I know you from somewhere.  Do you come in my hair salon?"   I said, "Based upon the way my hair looks you no doubt think I NEED to come to your hair salon!"   She roared in laughter.

Her and I conversed about what it's like to be a hair stylist.  Do you constantly look at people and think they need a different style or you wish you could get your hands on their head, I asked her.  She laughed and said that church was the worst for her.  Sitting still for an extended period she gets distracted by looking at the back of people's hair.  Which she says, is very neglected on most people!  I told her that God needed her to sit all the way up front to pay better attention.

I hate doing my hair.  It is just a thing we (ok mostly women as men have virtually no hair or bionic hair that requires minimum care) ladies have to mess with daily.  We also have to shave our legs and underarms.  Let me rephrase that.  I shave my legs and underarms daily.  I like smooth prickly free skin.  But even if I didn't, there isn't much hair there thanks to the genetics of both of my grandmothers.  Still though, I do it daily.  My hair, well that is another story.

We do always seem to want what we don't have.  Straight hair people long for curls and body.  People with body or curls want that sleek straight look.  Hair in and of itself is telling of our quest to never be totally satisfied with what we have!  Just ask my Aunt Dee, a hair stylist all my growing up years, about all the hair styles I wanted!  Then there are people like me, who have body and wave and yet a couple of places on my head (forehead area) lack the body the rest of my hair has. 

If I do nothing to my hair but wash it and let it dry, it has a bit of a disheveled wave but very thin and fine.  I blow it dry to give it texture and then add a couple of products to give the allusion of thickness.  My dad's hair is the same way.  I can remember growing up that he always used shampoo to volumize and thicken his fine hair. His bathroom cupboard looked like a drugstore with the latest and greatest thinning hair products.  Thanks Dad for giving me your hair!

Due to some health issues, my hair has thinned in the past 10 years.  It continues to fall out and break daily.  I try not to overly mess with my hair in an attempt to extend its fading lifespan.  I don't wash my hair every day.  I fear that if I did, by the end of a week of daily washings, I would need Bosley hair implants.  I probably could use them in the forehead region as it is!!

On some non-wash days I put my hair up with a very soft clip, create a 46 year old cheerleader ponytal (that's what my daughter says about it!), or add a little baby powder to the bangs and temples, refluff and touch up with the curling iron.  My famous last words while standing in the mirror first thing in the morning are, "I think I can save my hair today."   Saving means not having to wash it and start from scratch in creating a style.

Now mind you, I don't go around telling the world I don't daily wash my hair, only a few lady co-workers, friends and family know.  For fear of you getting the wrong image of what it looks like when I don't wash it, or feeling like I am disgusting, it's not greasy or messy but actually very dry. 

Once years and years ago we took a group of high school kids on a trip to Florida.  It was a mixed ethnic bag of kids.  The black girls, who were genetically given coarse dry hair, would take regular olive oil and rub in their hair to give it moisture and make it smooth.  They giggled when I told them I make stir fry with that same oil!  Now I'm thinking my overly dry hair could use a splash of olive oil!

I have to wash my hair this morning as it's been two days since its last shampoo.  I have to wash it too because I wore it up yesterday and it just can't be repaired.  I will go into temporary mild panic as I prepare to blow dry it and handfuls of it fall out.  I told my husband recently that I wished he could have known me when I had lots of hair.  He laughed and said he wished I could have known him when he had lots of hair too! 

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