I get on food jags.  Literally I can eat the same things meal after meal in succession of days or months.  I'm not necessarily talking about eating leftovers for a couple times past their original inception.  Though I can easily eat leftovers in their original form or remade into a different version over and over again till gone.  I mean creating and making the same dish over and over again.  

I ate oatmeal almost every night for about 5 months.  It didn't get old to me.  I found great delight in it as I created a new bowl of it nightly.  Variation of toppings might have altered slightly from night to night, but it was still a bowl of oatmeal.    Maybe more accurately described, I can occasionally OD (overdose) myself on a single food item, exhausting myself sometimes of the want of it for a bit.

When I was pregnant with my daughter Hannah I couldn't get enough eggs or spinach. And obviously for virtually 5 months I had an over-riding desire for old fashioned oats.  Why we have food cravings, pregnant or not, is no doubt twinged with a bit of medical scientific backing.  Cravings can be the result of a lack or from an intolerance that creates an intense craving that actually acerbates the intolerance.

Before you think I just have a food jag problem, I do the same with music.  For instance, while painting my basement recently I listened to James Taylor's Christmas CD for 8 solid hours.  One CD.  Over and over again. FOR EIGHT SOLID HOURS.  I suspect that had it been Alanis Morriset or Neil Young I would have been unable to listen that long without the aid of a prescription anti-depressant.  My husband laughs that every morning, when I go to the basement to get ready, I turn on James Taylor's Christmas CD.  Presently I am on a music jag.  I will overdose myself with James' Christmas album someday.  Possibly around mid-January.

I also wear out my running routes or my exercise routines to the point where the joy of it all leaves me for a spell.  Don't get me wrong, I don't stop doing it just because the jag has run its course.  I push through the sick of it feeling until the joy returns.  My friend Big D must have so burnt herself out on her exercise jag that she just can't muster the fortitude to even start up again.  I'm sure that's what happened.  Really I think she never started and must be waiting on the joy before plunging into exercise.  Big D, JOY COMES IN THE MORNING!

I think I do the same thing with clothes.  If I like something, which is a rarity, I will buy multiple of the same thing in different colors.  That also means when I am done with my fixation of liking a particular clothing item that I now have 4 of, there are just more of the same to get rid of.  After unliking a certain blazer that I have 3 of in different colors, I asked myself why in the world I ever liked it well enough to buy one, let alone 3!  What was I thinking.

Dentyne, Altoids, Tic-Tacs, Ginger chews, Nips, and white Tootsie Rolls are just a few of the candy/mint/gum fetishes I've experienced.  My dad had a constant hankering for Sen-Sens (black licorce mint) when I was a kid.  I've thankfully never been afflicted with that hankering.  Many years ago I couldn't get enough grapefruit juice in me.  And it had to be Kroger brand unpasteurized not from concentrate.  I had a craving for it so great once that I drove 20 minutes one direction at 10 p.m. just to buy a half a gallon.  I proceeded to swig it directly from the container on the drive home - my own version of needle tracks.

I haven't had grapefruit juice in about 13 years.


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