It amazes me how my heart is so filled with love for you, came the text from Doug this morning as he drove to the airport to catch a flight for business.  I smiled and cocked my head in amazement at his words.  Almost two years after meeting this man I continued to be blown away by his presentness to me.  Though time has sped forward, his love for me has never waned from day to day.  It was just as fresh, new and exciting as it was the day I met him for dinner for the first time.

You are the best part of me, I texted back.  He was indeed the best part of me.  He made me better because he loved me so fully and completely.  In doing that, he connected to all things that made up who I was.  I loved him for so many things he was.  I loved that he was smart and sharp, intellectual, light hearted, witty, big minded, creative, innovative, inviting, a can-do sort of person.  I loved that I could make him laugh easily, that he always showed his love in visible ways, that his touch was constant and natural. 
I love that you are very much a woman and can easily live and move as such, yet you can put on old clothes and tear off a room from the house.  I love that you can be smart and intellectual and in the next breath irreverent, funny or silly.  It is all those things that make you who you are and I love them all....his words floated in my head and landed in my heart.  That was it.  I mean really, that was what I had missed all my life - love that met me where I was and celebrated, connected to it and understood all the pieces of me. 
The day went on with other text touches as he landed in Chicago, then LA and finally Phoenix.  I thought about what a difference this man had made in my life.  How I truly felt like a team, like I had a partner, a mate.  He got me, knew me, got filled up with all the pieces that seemed mismatched in me.  It was a mystery to me.  I could not dice it up, logic it into proportions or figure it out.  And, I really didn't need to.  This man, this love was an enigma that I got to live every day.  
I went down to the basement to run some miles on the treadmill tonight.  The house was quiet and my routine was altered without Doug being home.  As I turned on the fan mounted on the ceiling directly in front of the treadmill I felt loved.  I picked up the phone and texted Doug. . . . .
I have always wanted a man who could mount a fan from the ceiling in front of the treadmill and be able to read my mind and know that doing so was both possible and very, very logical.
That was why I loved him so.       

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