I heard it again today, one of my pet peeve statements.  It can be easily cloaked in our humanness no matter how hard we try.  Even the statement itself is a declaration of us trying to take ourselves out of the picture.  I think more times than not though, it covers or deflects our human misbehaviours of self and tries to put God where they are.

She said it again today, "I prayed about it over the weekend."  I fought the urge to throw up, rant back, chastise her smug covering her curt, selfish, twisted and inconsiderate ways by saying she prayed about itMy ass! was what screamed loudly in my head.  She prayed her point of view to God and then acted on her view, not God's.  Period.

God is not simple like we are.  I mean really, I can't call the Creator of the world and all the systems that are self-sustaining in it, simple.  He is not a simpleton.  He is though, clear in His character, the under-riding things that He cherishes.  There is nothing selfish about Him. He doesn't posture Himself to get the notice, the accolades. He doesn't need or choose to do so.  That would diminish what is easily seen on its own.   He just is all that without exerting self perpetuating ways into the mix.  So the opposite of us! 

Do not use the phrase, I prayed about it, as what you think is the magic ingredient to proceed with selfish or wrong approaches to things, situations or confrontation.  My anger surges to a level that I believe might launch me instantly into a full blown incapacitating stroke when I hear it most of the time.  I should have resorted to Lamaze breathing exercises to bring myself back to a calm center.  I did not..  The fire raged internally.

God had nothing to do with her behavior today or of late.  He also didn't champion her wrong approach just because she prayed about it.  Why do you need to pray if you think God's answer to your prayer is for you to spew upon others?   How is that God in any way shape or form?  Do not dirty the I've prayed about it phrase by inserting self and using prayer more as a rabbit's foot or a ritual requirement than its true purpose. 

I have had my fill of Christian people at times. Myself included.  Today I was holiday meal stuffed with my pants unbuttoned!!!  She had a disconnect between her behavior, approach, reaction and declaration of her prayer. 

The saying hints to it..... PRAYER CHANGES THINGS.   The biggest thing it is intended to change is us!  It's in prayer that we should want to see our motives, have them laid bare, and be changed, re-routed.  Prayer should not be easy or comfortable always.  It wasn't for Jesus at times as he poured out self to His Father, God. 

Without that lady, save your prayers!

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