I left the house this morning to run while it was still dark.  Not that pitch black period before dawn, but when slowly the darkness is changing itself over to light.  It's a magical time of the day for me. Though I'm sure most people would say just the opposite.  Out at that time of the day I feel privy to the world as it tries to wake up.  The quietness, the feel of the stillness of the air, the obscurity and anonymity I get from that is re-charging.  It's a front row seat in a totally empty venue of spectacularness.   

Since I had on dark colors, I attached an LED flashing light to my long sleeved three-quarter zip shirt.  It is my version of a fluorescent triangular slow moving vehicle sign.  I set the light pattern to a slow flash as opposed to a fast and crazy flash pattern that might have possibly given me or an oncoming car driver a seizure. 

Down the sidewalk to the street I ran.  I felt that rush of excitement to be outside in the quiet moments before the world takes off in full motion.  Those conditions always make the run easier, better and far more enjoyable.  I ran past the same things, familiar things.  The house on the corner a couple blocks down that always decorates for every season showed its pumpkins and corn stalks.  The same junk remained right where it was yesterday at the house at about the mile mark.  In fact, that same crap stayed comfortably untidily strewn about day after day, month after month and now year after year.  Its trashy sight made me smile at the things on my route that remain the same from day to day.

I ran through piles of leaves raked to the edge of the street for pickup up by the city.  Fall was definitely dominating the landscape.  There were bright reds, translucent yellows and mauves that were strikingly beautiful.  As the sky lightened I could see the trees were thinning out their leaves marching us toward the starkness of November.  I felt a coziness inside at the beauty and the changing of seasons.  Beauty comes in all different forms.

I ran by a house recently sold to what appeared to be someone who worked for the Sheriff's department.  It was good to have someone like that in the neighborhood.  Maybe I should make some cookies and go introduce myself.  I ran by the house of the assistant deputy coroner of the county whose kids call me the fence lady because they watched a project we did evolve.  I felt a connectedness to those small reminders of community.

There was the house that always had some sort of lights up for every holiday season and even if there wasn't a holiday season.  I wondered if her husband liked the lights or put up with the weird gaudiness that made their house very distinguishable.  Recently at one of the houses at the end of my street someone had hung himself.  I didn't know which house for sure, but randomly prayed for them as I ran by that grouping of houses.

As I ran I watched the earth come to life.  The sky grew brighter.  People began to back out of their driveways heading to work.  Kids began the walking trek to the elementary school just up the street.  The day was at the starting line now.  I had the privilege of watching it start its motion as the starting gun fired for yet another day.  I thanked God as I ran back up the driveway for the privilege and gift of a morning run.

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