I am all for encouragement.  If someone is great, I tell them.  If I like a product, I proclaim it to anyone who is willing to listen.  If anyone in my life needs a stroke, I will tell others about something they did in their presence.  I want them to know I value them highly. 

I though, have never been able to brag about myself or those closest to me.  Really is anyone going to take me serious and find unbiased validity in my bragging since I am so closely connected to the person I am bragging about.  It's like the saying, "You can't see the forest for the trees."  It is possible that my view is skewed, warped or morphed in an unhealthy way. 

Feeling extremely under the weather for the past couple of days, I convinced Doug to please let me off the couch to walk down to the end of the block and back.  I was cagey, and though I had the ambition and strength of a slug, I wanted to breathe outdoor air.  At the end of the block was a woman who lives in the neighborhood out walking her two schnauzers.  We see each other out almost daily and converse from time to time.  She hollered from her side of the street that she had been at marching band contest all day.  Both her sons are in the high school marching band.  She gushed on, excited and proud that the band had made regionals. 

Though I don't have kids in school anymore, I appreciated her support of her sons and excitement over their success.  "Congratulations!" I said.  She pressed on.  I began to ready myself to go to my happy place as all indications were flashing that bragging was soon going to get nauseating.  "My son had a drum solo." she said with fervor rounding the corner to biased bragging gone wrong.  "He was pretty much the star!" she exclaimed.  Wait! Did I just hear her say he was pretty much the star.  Who in the world says that out loud.  Who fosters that sort of view of self!  Geez, this is why kids have a self-centered way of thinking!  How about others in the band?  Did she really think that he was the sole reason the band went to regionals?  Where was I at in my happy place again?

I have never been a fan of anyone who toots their
own horn or ridiculously pedestals themselves, their kids,
 grand kids or mate in a unhealthy, unrealistic and
self-perpetuating light.  If there is any good or redeeming 
qualities present they are voided out by
full-of-self, superstar, primadonna-ishness. 

I already felt ill yesterday.  She did not help the healing process. 
Who says, my son was pretty much the star!  Who does that!

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