MRS. SCROOGE, bah hum bug!

There is a myriad of reasons why I am not much into decorating for Christmas.  My mom tells my husband that he married Mrs. Scrooge.  She says that because, in the years preceding Doug's presence in my life, I did not really put up Christmas decorations.   Many times, not even a tree.

I am far from Mrs. Scrooge no matter how much teasing my mom tries to dish out.  I don't begrudge others the pleasure they get from decorating their houses.  Ok possibly I do if it crosses my subjective decorating taste line into the world of Clark Griswold.  Then, I must admit I ridicule and judge the people inside the house based on the tackiness of the Christmas craps in the yard.  Some of you do too!

We decided to put up the Christmas tree last night.  Our reasoning was that next weekend is Thanksgiving, an extended no-work weekend.  We wanted Thanksgiving weekend to be a weekend of nothing.  No agenda.  No have to's.  And NO SHOPPING! 

That would be the part of Christmas I might dislike the most.  The ridiculousness of gifts.  That in the world that most of us live in we NEED more stuff.  Which leads me to Christmas decorations.  I have a distaste for excess in any form.  And to me, Christmas decorations fall into that excess, knick-knackie sort of category.

It could be too that I got very ill when my daughter was in 5th grade.  There were some years that I did not have the energy to spare to do anything but try to stay alive.  I spent one Christmas in the hospital.  I found out Christmas decorations were not essential to my survival.  I lived and regained health but by then I didn't need decorations to make it special.   Christmas music and cookies, yes.  A Christmas tree, not so much.

My husband is Father Christmas.  He loves Christmas decorations.  Two years ago, when I met him it was December 28th.  Christmas lingered still in stores and houses.  When I walked into his house for the first time I was floored.  His house was beautifully decorated in everything Christmas.  A large flocked tree with small blue and white lights and a matching theme of blue, silver and white stood majestically in his living room.  It was literally like a page out of a magazine.  

That same Christmas I had in my house, to fully round out the holiday spirit; a large bowl on my dining room table with gold and red Christmas balls that I had got at Goodwill for $2 and a small potted Christmas tree I had bought for $40 at Lowes.  That was it.  It took 5 minutes to put up and tear down.  Simple, sparse and Charlie Brownish.


Last night Doug decorated our house with beautiful decorations and that beautiful flocked Christmas tree that he brought into the marriage.  We played the movie ELF while decorating.  He asked if I would help with the lights.  I smiled with great love but shook my head no.  He laughed and continued.  I had my bowl of Christmas Goodwill balls to place:)

Every morning since September I play Christmas music while getting ready for work.  Mrs. Scrooge wouldn't do that, would she?

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