Preferences abound in just about every venue, category, or thought in life.  We are a subjective humanity.  I most definitely am one of those people as well.

Meeting my sister for coffee this morning, I only drank one cup at home knowing great flavored coffee awaited me.  I love the little eclectic coffee shop we were meeting at to catch up and laugh, lament, and generally let it all hang out as only sisters can do with no effort or thought.  Arriving before her, I stepped in line which was a few people deep.  My slightly over middle aged eyes could not see the coffee flavors adhered to the carafes behind the counter so I moved toward them to get a closer look.  I wanted time to ponder which flavor I would color light tan with half and half and drink 3 cups of before the several hours with my sister ended.

I was though, slightly distracted by the woman in front of me who was missing a third to a half of her teeth including the front ones and donned two barely any-hair-on-her-head thin ponytails.  Her, I am attempting a 4 year old's hair style, showcased a barrage of clips and barrettes to keep the too short pieces back.  She had so much make-up on I couldn't decide if it actually made her look better or worse.  It did momentarily cause me to look away from her other features and study her face in greater detail, which wasn't necessarily a good thing.  Chatty though she was and I engaged with her for a bit before moving toward the carafes to better read my choices.

Ethiopian, Sumatran, Tanzanian Blend, Cinnamous, and Pumpkin Pie Decaf.  What in the hell!  I hate regular coffee unless I am guaranteed it is as smooth and velvety as that $110 bottle of Cabernet I fell in love with.  And cinnamon flavored coffee is just not high on my list of flavors I crave.  What coffee shop in the Midwest in November has two flavored coffee of the day choices that are basically identical and filled to the brim with cinnamon? (said very sarcastically though fully acknowledging it is currently the season of Autumn)

I stood waiting in line now disgusted at my choices.  My expectation was now not going to be met!  I had foregone my second cup of caramel vanilla cream coffee at home thinking there would be a grand flavor here.  Who the hell has their only two flavors both drenched with cinnamon!  I would say something when my turn at the ordering counter arrived.  It just seems to come out no matter how hard I try to keep it in.  They needed to know that customers who drink flavored coffees might prefer one cinnamon choice and something non-cinnamonie.  At the very least, they needed to know that cinnamon was a polarizing spice in coffee.

My sister also likes flavored coffees.  When she arrived I filled her in on the cinnamon crisis that faced us.  We were next in line.  I stated, what to me anyway, was more than obvious.   "Let me get this right.  Your two flavors of coffee today are both cinnamon laced?" I said nicely.  Maybe a bit caught off guard with my deep observations on cinnamon and unsure of why that was an issue she replied, "Yes."   "Well, cinnamon goes a long way and customers probably would prefer possibly to have at least ONE non-cinnamon flavored coffee choice." I said. 

We stood there in a dilemma.  Neither of us wanted either cinnamonish flavor nor did we want a regular roast that we couldn't guarantee its smoothness.  I continued on with the clerk, "I guess that leaves us out.  We'll have nothing then."   I watched the other woman behind the counter have a look of puzzlement on her face over this coffee exchange.  No doubt she did not feel as passionate about cinnamon as did I.  I was nice, but stated my view of how they could better serve their customers with one less cinnamon choice.

Walking down the street, we decided to try the other coffee shop in town.  They had a regular roast, a decaf and a flavor of the day.  There was a chance at least to still get a good cup of flavored coffee.  I asked what their flavor of the day brewed coffee was.  Pumpkin Spice!    There was now a full-blown cinnamon flavored coffee pandemic sweeping the downtown coffee shops!  We walked out.

When I was a little girl there was a nursery rhyme that went like this...
         What are little boys made of?
         Snips and snails,
         And puppy dog tails,
         That's what little boys are made of.

         What are little girls made of?
         Sugar and spice,
         And everything nice,
         That's what little girls are made of.

I was not made of sugar and spice, especially not cinnamon!  And I wasn't feeling all that nice at the moment.  I NEEDED another cup of coffee!  Did that coffee shop not know though medicinal benefits can be had with certain amounts of cinnamon, too much could make you throw up if eaten raw by the teaspoon full?  It just seemed careless to assume that ALL people who like brewed flavored coffee would prefer both their options for the day be a cinnamon flavor.  Really bad marketing on their part.

Pumpkin pie is absolutely delicious.  Cinnamon is a great compliment to that vegetablish dessert.  Molasses cookies are to die for.  The brown cinnamon melds well with molasses and ginger to make a cookie creation that's hard to stop eating just one.  Oatmeal paired with a touch of brown sugar, cinnamon and cut apple chunks satisfies the belly and the soul.  Cinnamon and sugar mixed together and sprinkled on heavily buttered toast is one of our grand kids greatest delights. 

They gave us a choice alright - drink two flavors of cinna-overload or go without.  We went without.

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