I have always loved it. I've felt its emotional connection clear through to my soul since I was a small kid. Tomorrow it's here - Thanksgiving.

It's Thanksgiving eve as I write this. Though not technically a celebrated holiday, it ushers in something sacred for me, Thanksgiving. No doubt my connection to Thanksgiving stems in part from amazing childhood memories. It though also connects to me probably because I am a thinker, a feeler and an expresser. That is really what defines Thanksgiving.

Its unadulterated, stripped back and raw meaning doesn't seem to get crowded out by the world of capitalistic commerce and money. Turkeys and cornucopias haven't yet usurped Thanksgivings relentless yet silent moniker of gratefulness.

Every year the emotions I experience while gathered with my family seek to overtake me. Every year my family braces themselves for my Thanksgiving love speech laced with tears.  Thanksgiving grants me the privilege to speak out loud the deep rivers of things I think and feel. It's my opportunity for a living eulogy of sorts for those that mean the world to me.

Gratefulness is a great companion in life, not just on my favorite holiday but every day.    Thanksgiving is a place of hallowedness.  An outlet to pause and give homage to all the good.  It's a tangible way to savor all the people and things that make our life full and rich.  My mom used to place a kernel of corn on each of our plates at the Thanksgiving table. We had to verbalize something we were thankful for. My brother-in-laws teased her relentlessly year after year until she quit the tradition. It wasn't as corny as they made it out to be. I loved it.

This Thanksgiving eve my heart and soul feel full.  Running tonight as darkness rolled in, I wondered about others as I ran by their houses.  Did they feel like I do about Thanksgiving Eve and Thanksgiving?  Was it their favorite week of the year like it was for me? 

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