As many people as exist, opinions abound in reflective numbers. Even if you claim neutrality (like my Swiss national people do), that is still a marked point in the line of thought.  Having no opinion is still something, a thought of nothing.

Politics for the past year and a half leading up to the 2012 presidential election gave platform, a spotlight on opinions and convictions. All of those opinions and convictions caused us each then to form an opinion regarding each other's convictions, thoughts, and opinions.  It seems a never-ending cycle.  I am opinioned out.  It's like white noise.

We think politics, the political system and politicians are so different than us. I'm not so sure they are.

We too sometimes say one thing, but do another.  Once in awhile we make promises we fail to keep.  Much of the time we think we have control of all things and then things well outside our control side-swipe us.  Too often, if not kept in check, we want to live beyond our means justifying that doing this or having that is a "need".  Lots of times we think about taking the easy way out, the more beneficial to self road.  More times than not, we believe how we drive, think or act is at a much higher functioning level than most people.   And always do we truly believe our beliefs and opinions are the right ones.

That said, we are really no different than politics, the political system and politicians.  We are human and flawed.  It shows itself much like the hands of a clock hit twelve every hour. 

Do we really truly believe that a party, a president will be any different than the sum of all that they make up?  Do we truly believe it is a set of political ideological beliefs that will create right decisions and a right course?  It might be a start but it's not the whole of the equation.

It is so easy to get off course.  To veer ever so slightly close or over the line.  And if a car or a steep embankment doesn't await us, then we don't notice a consequence.  Crossing the line isn't imperative when it's not immediate in its results.  It's like neglecting the maintenance on your house or car or your body.  There is a point where deterioration spreads and increases, even compounds because of neglect.   Politics and our country's issues are the same way.  We have put off, delayed, even denied that we need to get it back between the white lines.

We veered.  We neglected.  We didn't make hard decisions and tough cuts because there was no impending on-coming car, steep embankment or rotting wood or dripping water heaters.  Watch the show, "The Biggest Loser", if we abuse or neglect long enough the process back to health and balance is long and hard.  Not impossible but tough.

We as a nation are on the scales and it's not pretty.    

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