I was in conversation this morning with a friend.  In the world of technology conversation is a loose word that encompasses many different forms of communication.  This one was via texts.

The exchange of thoughts, words and one liners started over a picture I sent.  My comment with it was; Driven with a touch of self delusionment!  As I pondered our banter back and forth, I wondered if there was any legitimacy to the pairing of self delusionment and certain highly driven people?  Then I realized we can all suffer from self-delusionment if we aren't careful and real.

It goes without pontificating that we all have a slightly skewed and off kilterish view of ourselves.  We are not totally unbiased.  It's just not humanly possible.  But can overly driven people be plagued with a more opaqueish sort of view of themselves than most?

I texted my friend, "true strength is showing weakness with a sense of humility and acknowledging our lack openly." 

We carried forward that thought to our flaws as people.  Our weaknesses.  Our struggles.  Our personalities collide constantly with circumstances that showcase our responses to those circumstances for the collective world to see.  This is not a celebrity vs a non-celebrity exposure thing.  It's a human thing!  There isn't really much we can hide to some degree about our lack.  And to be honest, that is more than ok.  I'm not saying wear it as a badge of honor, but let it be what it is - a part of you.

The problem is that when we try to pretend to others that we are strong, when they can clearly see our weaknesses, it ends up isolating us from them.  It does the opposite of what we are trying to portray, strength, and leaves the watching crowd with a great picture of weakness. 

I view others as strong and balanced when they can clearly see who they are and own it.  Flaws, weaknesses, lack, struggles, insecurities, inconsistencies, failings, and battles are a common denominator in all of us.  How we approach and wear our humanity to others shows strength when we incorporate those lacks or struggles and acknowledge them instead of denying them.  Others can usually see them already any way. 

Being real endears you to others.  It connects us to each other.  It though doesn't make logical sense that in being real and open about who we are that it would actually display strength even though we are showing weakness in our lives. 

We all have shit in our lives, in our thoughts,
 in our responses to circumstances that come to us at times. 
We all have insecurities and lack. 
To try to make others think you don't is a lie and the sign of a weak person. 
Want to increase in the eyes of others? 
Be a bit more transparent. 

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