My brother-in-law and sister were over for dinner recently.  He asked if I had told Doug, my husband of two years, the story of my angel.  I smiled, reliving it again in my head and spirit as I recalled what he was referring to.  "No", I said, "I haven't."

About seven or eight years ago I was a Realtor in a small-medium sized town in the Midwest.  It was a day like many others that involved some driving about the county looking at properties, meeting clients, checking signs, stopping in the office, and the like.  I believe with every fiber of my being that there exists another world that we humans aren't necessarily privy to seeing, a spirit world.  A world not tangible like mine was that day, but intangible.  I believe there are things bigger than my mind and scope of understanding. 

Just because I can't see something, know it in the visual and total understanding sense, does not mean it is not there.  Maybe we don't always see that world because we are pretty wrapped up in our own - the world of visuals and self and things we clearly know.  That in and of itself doesn't leave much wiggle room for us to see the invisibles around us.  Many of you too know of the walking angels in our midsts.  You've met them.

As I exited right off the highway I merged onto the divided four-lane street that would take me downtown to my office.  I glanced in my rear-view mirror checking before I entered the flow of the street traffic left of my merge-on lane.  I saw nothing.  I quickly put my left turn signal on indicating I was merging over.  At that exact moment of moving my car left, I heard brakes being slammed.  Glancing in my mirror again I saw a small Ford Bronco now dangerously being whipped back and forth behind me.  I had not seen him in the blind spot of my car.  What happened next was like a scene from a movie and I was a player in it.

Everything, though happening in split seconds, was unfolding as though it was a slow-motion replay on Monday Night Football.  In his attempt not to hit me, and in reaction to my moving over, he slammed on the brakes so hard it caused his vehicle to swerve and then catapult end for end at least 3 times.  I was watching it in my rear-view mirror just like a movie, trying desperately to accelerate away from the chaos that was speeding towards my car. 

How he never hit my car in his rolls, I do not know.  How he never hit anyone else in those other 3 lanes of traffic, I do not know either.  I stopped the car with panic and screaming thoughts at full force, surely I have just killed someone, how am I not hurt, how did my car not get hit by him!!  I couldn't control my wild thoughts and began to run from my now parked car toward this now upside Ford Bronco realizing I may face a seriously injured person or worse, a dead person.

I'm not sure how fast either of us were going.  I suppose I may have been increasing my speed to merge onto traffic at 40 mph.  He was probably going that speed himself.  At that moment I felt the weight of it all as I had failed to see him in my mirror.  What had I done!  The sense of responsibility I felt was crushing.

In the moments between my exit from my car and the time it took to run towards his, he emerged from his vehicle.  Crawling through the back window, he came out swearing and raging.  He was moving toward me quickly as he screamed and spit anger and rage along the way.  Accidents are strange.  There are things you can't remember and things that become hyper clear.  As he exploded and engulfed the distance of space between us, a man appeared by my side. 

I was watching the raging man heading for me with anger that appeared could endanger me and yet I glanced around trying to figure out where this man, who now stood calmly by my side had come from.  He quietly moved in front of me to face the angry man.  I can't recall him saying anything to the man, but somehow, by his mere presence, the driver of the other vehicle backed off slightly though still raging words loudly at me.   

It was an odd sensation and yet the most calming and natural feeling in the world.  I did not know him, couldn't ascertain where he had come from, didn't see a vehicle parked nearby that would indicate he stopped to help.  I felt taken care of, covered and protected.  His presence, without many words, was bigger than I can humanly explain.  Something indescribable in his manner, his presence, his spirit was unlike anything I had ever felt.  He did not leave my side almost like a shield. 

The police arrived on the scene, two city police cars.  As I turned toward the officer who approached me, I glanced back toward my silent guardian.  He was gone.  I looked all around - toward traffic, the parking lot, the side of the road.  He was completely and utterly gone in a split second.  I turned back to the police officer who rebuked the other driver for his raging behavior and commanded him to move back from my vicinity. 

As I hung my head and sobbed, the police officer, full of compassion said, "That's why we call them accidents, things that we don't mean to have happen that do."  He shared that the other driver was driving a borrowed vehicle that had no insurance.  I asked the officer did he see which way the man who had been standing by me when he pulled up went?  He looked at me, "What man? I saw no one."

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