Did you ever notice that logic doesn't work in certain circumstances? 

It rarely works with very young children.  It prompts the verbal badminton game of, "Why? But why?  Why is that? How come?"  Logic as well never really trumps fear no matter how much of it is used.  Fear is illogical in all, part or some of its realities.  Logic does nothing to meet the fear with a language it will hear.  I was reminded of that today. 

Logic is the premise of reasoning by observing the general to the specific.  It is deducing something bigger into something smaller with rationale, with cause and effect.  It is reasoned thought over irrational thought or feelings. 

The problem, the lack it brings to the table, is its lack of addressing the emotional connection to illogical trains of thought and/or fear.  Emotions are powerful.  Now those thoughts and/or fears can be partially real, merely perceived or hold such a low of probability of occurring that winning the 143 million dollar Powerball lotto would hold a greater statistical chance.

I wondered today, when faced with the illogic of fear, if understanding fear is a better back door approach  and preface to using logic with others.  Because logic is brain sense or intelligent deduction, finding and acknowledging the power of fear might give me a better understanding of its total illogicalness - why fear is trumping logic.

Fear is said to be an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat.  How do you undo the belief that causes the fear, the illogical emotion?  Why does someone believe anything that they believe, whether it be a fear or a conviction?  

We are taught certain things in very overt ways many times.  But we catch other teachings by observing the covert and sometimes even not aware, the unconscious.  If we hold a belief long enough, whether it is true, accurate or logical, it will be assumed as true to us.  Our perception, based on what we know, have been taught, experienced, is now our reality.

I have gone around the barn on this logic issue.  I really have no more answers on how to get logic to penetrate fear or illogic than when I started - only a bit better feel for maybe its powerful grip and what doesn't work.  

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