In theory things connect, eventually. If it were possible to see with my human eye alone I could see that the earth is not a continuous line, but it connects to itself. Really the reason I cannot see is that the earth is spherical. It's round. Though Magellan circumnavigated the globe (ok most of it until he was killed), the Greeks are said to have surmised its roundness around 384 bc.

At times I can get pigeon holed into thinking that my life is a long continuous line. It is not. It connects to others as their lives intersect my line causing it to be far more round and circular than I understand. It gives it dimension.

Two years ago today my line intersected a strangers. It was a cataclysmic encounter.

Coming off a divorce after 25 years of marriage, I was struggling with finding my point of connectivity to much of anything. Christmas Day 2010 was spent reading, running and hiding from humanity as my blue blue Christmas Day pummeled me from my perch of self doubt and grief.

Three days later on December 28th, 2010 I walked into a local restaurant at 8:00 pm to meet a man who contacted me on I hadn't been on a date, had only been on eharmony for one day, and had not responded to any eharmony matches but this one. I knew it was time to go forward, to move onward, to build the life I always wanted. It was time to live big and bold, and it was time to get love.

Doug, 51 was all it said about him on the eharmony email cover. That in and if itself was not remarkable really. I would soon come to realize this man though was very, very remarkable.

We both decided to meet for dinner the same day the match appeared on eharmony. I though was the brazen one who said, "Lets just meet for dinner. If it's not a connection then we will both know it and can just go on." Fully ready or not I was willing myself forward. Two years later I sit on a train with that man named Doug writing this post.

December 28, 2010 turned out to be an instaneous soul, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and white hot passionate connection. It was orchestrated by God at His timing as the answer to my heart's cry. Our lines intersected that day connecting us circularly. Two years have never gone so fast in all my life. Today holds for me the same fire as it did that day.

I knew the moment I saw him, the first words of his eharmony bio I read, the emails we exchanged, by his friends confiscating my number and texting me in the hours leading up to dinner. I knew it when three hours after sitting down for dinner felt like two minutes and I wasn't ready to go.

Everyday I feel the same way. The time spent with him is never enough. I can't wait to see him at the end of a work day. We think the same and see things the same. The only measurable difference between us is my first place position in being funnier than him. He clearly knows it but can't concede to a silver medal.

Two years has not dimmed this love, tempered its connectivity or cooled its passion. Doug and his life crashed through the intersection and into mine.

Happy anniversary to my Love, the line crasher.

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