I was raised 2.5 steps up from the Mennonites.  A break-off if you will from that denominational and theological viewpoint.  You can go back and read my post from 9/26/10 entitled, "2.5 Steps Up" if you have curiosity regarding such.

Being raised fairly fundamentalistly, we did not play with playing cards.  I did not play with regular playing cards seen on a Las Vegas poker table until my first marriage when my then husband introduced me to penny poker.  Though we did not play with playing cards, as it had some sort of unspoken taboo to it, there was a deck hiding clear in the back of the bathroom cupboard.  There were no other games in that cupboard.  Which led me to the conclusion (whether right or wrong) that playing cards were deemed evil by my parents and church.  Thus why else were they being hidden.

Now I have brought this playing card thing up to my mother in
my grown up years.  She laughs at my assertion that putting playing cards in the clear back of the bathroom cupboard is strange.  That it sent a message to us kids saying - PLAYING CARDS ARE WRONG AND MUST BE HIDDEN.  I can easily get my mother to melt into laughter, which I readily try to do.  She claims that was NOT the case even though I point out; we never played playing card games as a family, I never saw my parents play with them (solitaire or otherwise), and they never moved from that secluded resting place in the 18 years I lived there. 

My mother, the cleaning Nazi she is, no doubt cleaned out that cupboard a handful of times in those 18 years of me being a registered minor.  But every time she did, the playing cards were returned to the back corner of the shelf in that cupboard.  When I clean out cupboards and drawers and closets stuff gets moved.  I prefer like things go with like things.  Occasionally I understand that something that doesn't belong in a drawer or cupboard gets placed there for one of the following reasons; a) we aren't sure what category or place it really belongs to be nested amongst, b) we are in a hurry and just want it put somewhere, or c) we are hiding it amongst unlike things to create the perfect hiding diversion place for something we don't want others to see, eat or use.

I have a friend (she knows who she is) who hides chocolate in her bedroom from her kids.  She has her own little stash.  Though I believe they know she has it and might even know the place by now.  The point though is she hid it in a place that wasn't logical to look for chocolate.  The playing cards were hidden in the bathroom cupboard because, as I feared as a child, the church police or someone of equal authority might find them in our house and condemnation would be heaped upon us.  Evidently God would not approve either.  Though I always thought He could see even hidden things.

It can sometimes occur that, when denied something in our young years, we seek it in larger proportions in our adulthood.  None of us three sisters are card sharks, play the tables in Vegas or even have a fast working knowledge of the game Euchre.  Those who have had the misfortune to be my Euchre playing partner or have played poker with me over the years can attest to my poor card playing ability. I can't shuffle any deck of cards worth crap.  I totally blame my parents for my lack of skill.

It is said that drugs, sex and rock n roll are bed mates.  Personally I think each of the three can stand alone and not lead to the other.  But we love to lump things together to showcase the bad.  In my house growing up it was; playing cards, roller skating and movies lead to no good.  Oh, and being out after 11 p.m. :)  At times I felt like a fish out of water growing up since I found none of those three things wrong, nor did I feel in immediate danger of slipping on the moral cliff by partaking in them.

Our non-playing card parents did hide the deck of playing cards they owned, but mom still claims to this day she was not hiding them.  I can tell you I don't keep my playing cards in the bathroom cupboard.  They are in the game drawer for the grand kids. 

I'm a liberal I guess:)

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