Before me lies 6 days of vacation.  That means in layman's terms, not having to be on a schedule, a routine, a have-to mode of thinking and doing.  It means letting my hair be morning messy until I decide to make it unmessy or decide to just leave it be.  It means staying in my favorite white Aero low-slung sweatpants, thin zippered sweatshirt and slippers until morning becomes mid-day.  It means sitting and slowly melding into the day with 2 or 3 cups of coffee, perusing the news sites online and reading the paper.  It means getting to go for my run during the day hours instead of cramming it in post-work or pre-dawn.  It means a wide-open calendar for love and romance - the joys of an empty nest:)

When I was a kid the cartoon "The Jetsons" was on TV Saturday mornings.  I can't say I was a big cartoon lover, comic book reader or the like.  But, TV was TV and we didn't get to watch much so you watched whatever was available on the 4 or 5 channels that our rabbit ear antennae picked up.  Picked up would be a stretch.  There WERE only 4 or 5 stations anywhere at that time!

I get tired of getting ready for work in the mornings some days.  You know the process, you do it too.  Showering, shaving all body parts (women have far more square footage to shave than do men!), washing my hair, slathering on 3 different lotions to quell the Sahara Desert that is now my skin, blow drying my hair, curling or straightening it depending on whether it's a good or bad hair day, putting on my minimalistic make-up, figuring out what to wear based on whether it's a feeling great about myself day or a hide my body sort of day, making my lunch to take with me, brewing my half-gallon Starbucks travel mug with coffee to get me to at least 11:00 a.m. and then turning around the next morning and doing it all again.

Many a day I long to be on the conveyor belt from "The Jetsons" where getting ready, showered, and dressed for the day was a trip down the conveyor belt into the automation machine.  That is some technology I would buy if available.  In fact, I would trade in my iPhone if required to acquire something that would get me ready for the day in mere seconds.  Think of the time I would have on my hands.  Time for another cup of coffee, a longer stay glued to the backside of Doug in a warm bed.

We'll take the train into Chicago for a few days.  Wander around the city, shop, eat at some great restaurants, meet friends for dinner and let someone else make the bed and clean the bathroom for a couple of days.  We will both say to each other, "too bad it takes money to retire" as we contemplate our love of not being on a schedule, having to be somewhere and do certain things in repetitive madness.  We will stay up far too late making getting back into a routine even harder when time off concludes.  I will drink more glasses of wine than would be my norm and eat things that ordinarily I would never put in my body.


I will contemplate my place on my line of accomplishing certain goals and dreams I have for things in my life.  Things in our life as well.  I will review my relentless ways to see if I am getting soft, being purposeful in all things and moving toward the things that I know will come to be.  I will do all that with messy hair and on my time schedule! 
I may or may not fix that roosterish teased thing on the top of my head.  And by fix I mean with a ball cap.

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