I hate when people don't leave room for others.  And, I also hate box stores.  Believe it or not there is a connection.

Leaving no room for others occurs in the extreme positions of just about anything in life.  And big box stores are just ginormous same monsters - endless corridors of same, mass produced, churned out stuff.  Same is not interesting to me.  It's small minded and narrow.

Opinions are not necessarily supported by fact or knowledge but rather by a judgement or a view.  I've got a few, want me to tell you some:)  The view out of my mind, heart and eyes is going to be slightly different than yours. Though our humanity ties us together, our individual experiences and personalities create a different lens.  And, that is a good thing. 

If two people witness an accident they see two different views typically.  It's not that the accident didn't occur or that one of the views is right and the other is wrong.  Rather, what was noticed or viewed was not exactly the same because of perspective, angle, timing, etc.  Same is boring.  Really it is.  Same misses the panoramic view and captures just a portion of anything.  It is tunnel vision with no peripheral.

I can remember when my daughter, now 25, was emerging into sculpting her own identity in late junior high and high school.  Teenagers boast of their desire to be different, to be unique, to be innovative in their personhood.  What I found was that in that declaration of being innovative there was still a herd instinct.  They screamed I want individuality, but followed each others individuality like zebras in a herd.  Like cows standing in a row in the milk barn. 

The political left and right do the same.  Their band standing, trumping their stance ways to the exclusion of anyone who is not one of them or who doesn't share their same view, leaves no room for others.  We all get pretty full of ourselves when all we hear is us and all we will listen to is the sound of our own voice, opinions and viewpoints.  It paints a vivid picture that WE are really all we need.  It turns me off and raises my ire.  Others views and thoughts make us think from angles we might not on our own.

I always applaud passion.  Passion is my language.  Passion and blind exclusive opinions are two different things. I don't applaud the same monster rulers - those people who believe whole heartily that their views are right and every one elses are wrong.  Most definitely there is some black and white in the world.  But there is equally as much, if not more, gray and open for interpretation parts of life. 

I love to read things that aren't my viewpoint.  Things that aren't the way I think, have thought up to this point, or even possibly believe.  I want to know why someone thinks a certain way.  The differences we have are intriguing to me, even refreshing. 

I desperately want to be able to be me.  If I have a deep seated need to be Nancy, I would imagine you too would love to just be you as well -  opinions and all.


You can probably guess then I'm not a big fan of Rush Limbaugh or Bill Maher. 

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