I thought about waiting once again.  Good things come to those who wait.  Not one who loves a cliche or seemingly trite statements, I wondered in my own life about waiting.  What had come from my own waiting? 

I thought about what the Bible said about timing and waiting, " just the right time, when we were still powerless, God sent His son, Jesus."

I thought about phrasings and comedic delivery.  It was about timing, waiting on the right moment to execute humor based on that moment on the line where maximum meaning, laughter or poignancy is best showcased.

It would seem that much of life is about waiting.  Is there something about delayed gratification that we are meant to learn?  Is there something about not getting something when we think we should that makes us appreciate its richness deeper when it does come?  Is there something about waiting for anything that makes us realize we don't control the world, the choices of others, or even at times, our lives?  Is there something about waiting that makes us realize we are powerless?

I thought about Christmas.  Fully embraced or not during the season, its origin and basis is the birth of Christ, the Son of God.  There is timing to a birth - 9 months, 40 weeks, give or take a week here or there.  Unless extenuating circumstances ensue, that child will enter the world when ready, at the perfect time.  . . . at just the right time.

God waited and waited on us to get His laws, His rules.  When He knew that we would never be able to get it right by sheer obedience to a set of "to dos", He sent His son, Jesus, into the world to be born.  His birth was the beginning of a trail that led back to God.  It wasn't just about His birth, as magnificent as that was.  After He waited and waited, He sent Jesus to be born to die to take away the sin, our human incapability of hitting the mark.  He did what we could not, in our humanness or timing, do on our own - find a way back to God.
To find a way back to the God who created us and longs for a relationship with His children, no matter the unevenness and rough parts of our humanness.

. . . at just the right time, God . . .

How often I miss things around me.  The night Jesus was born, many people missed it.  Some still miss it.  Some though saw the timing, the fulfillment of God's promises through Christ.  The waiting was over.  The time had come for God to do for us what we could not do for ourselves. 

Nadia, our middle grand child, whispered in my ear every 30 seconds following Christmas dinner yesterday, "Can we open presents now?"  I smiled inside, "Not quite yet Nadia.  In just a bit. "  Her question came over and over again followed by my varied but same meaninged response, "Soon." 

. . . at just the right time, God . . .

Waiting was followed up by God's delivery, a promise, a way back.  Possibly maybe waiting does come with some good things after all.

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