I am not prissy.  Never have been.  I don't like ruffles, panty hose, nail polish, concealer, blush, eye shadow.  I hate those scarves women wear, even though I think others look good in them.  I don't like ear rings, multiple  finger rings or toe rings for that matter.  You won't see me carrying excessively big and blingie purses.  I don't wear dresses all that often. Nor do I have a PINTEREST account.  I don't necessarily care for the color pink or mauve (1980's) or will you find it in my decorating tastes. I don't mind though getting dirty or looking askew from a home improvement demolition or re-building project or some sort of outdoor activity.  I can go camping, even though at my age the ground has gotten harder!  And, a pair of shorts and flip-flops are my zen clothes.

Pets are ok, but growing up on a farm pets were always outside.  I don't really do indoor pets.  Nothing against those that do.  I just choose not to.  I really don't do fluffy, prissy dogs with bows and clothing who are named Katie or Dolly.  I want to punch their owners:)

Why is it the thing we hate we sometimes become? 

Years ago when my daughter was in second grade we made a move to new location.  Right before moving a cat was dumped at my parent's house.  It was obviously an indoor cat who was groomed well and had been trained.  Wanting to make the move better for Hannah, I let her have that cat.  Moving day came and BJ (Buster James) literally hopped in the cab of the truck and laid down.  When we arrived at our new house he hopped out of the truck and immediately sauntered up to the porch and sprawled out as if to say get on with it people, I'm home!

I refused to let that cat in the house but he remained our cat for some years.  Whether I acted like it or not, he wormed his way into my heart.  BJ was not really like a cat in behavior.  He operated more like a dog by wanting to be near you constantly.  If I laid on the back patio sunning myself, he would hop up on my stomach and lie there.  He was a smart Garfield-ish sort of cat that also twisted his way into my neighbor's hearts.  They were crazy crazy cat people - if you know what I mean:) 

They were the ones who took him to the vet, drove him around town in their car on errands and eventually found out he had feline leukemia.  My family teased me constantly about how I was the most adamant about not wanting a pet, but the most affected by BJ's death.  Holding him before he was put to sleep, I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed.  I have a strong independent exterior, but soft as a kitten insides! 

That was it for me.  Never again did I want my heart to get so wrapped up by an animal that I had to go through that ever again.  How can you miss a damn cat!  I don't know but I did for a good long time.  He had a human way about him.  I was more than pathetic.  I was one of those strange overly attached pet people!  Never again would I be.  Never.

My daughter and son-in-law left last week for a year in Guinea, Africa.  They have a three year old Papillon named Fenley.  Both of them are baseball fans so Fenley's name was birthed from the combination of Fenway Park and Wrigley Field - each of their favorite teams.  People in Guinea don't have sissy indoor dogs as pets. That would be a bit outlandish and extravagant. Their lives are neither of those things.  Fenley would probably make a great meal for some indigenous folk there!  Thus, Fenley could not go with them.
I don't do pets.  Remember??  It's amazing what a parent will do for a child, even a grown child!  I have Fenley for a year.  I also have a bit of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder when it comes to cleanliness.  There is dog hair.  There is licking.  There is standing out in the cold waiting on him to poop.  There is trying to get him adjusted to a house where I don't let him on the furniture or let him sleep in bed with us. 

Despite all my attempts to be utilitarian with Fenley, he has wormed, wagged and wiggled his way right straight to my heart - where BJ was! 

Just like Lucy from Charlie Brown exclaimed, "UGH! I've been kissed by a dog!"

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