There is an older show on PBS, a BBC situational comedy called, "Waiting For God".  The British have their own spin on humor and I rather like the cheeky, sometimes dry and sarcastic way they fling humor about.  The backdrop of the show is a retirement home, thus the self-explanatory title of the show.  They are in essence waiting for God.  Waiting to die.  It's a place that is the last stop so to speak before they get done waiting for God.  Their deli number is finally called.

So accurate is that title, Waiting For God.  It is in essence what we do between birth and death.  We are passing time until our time is up.  We are waiting.  It might seem that we aren't really waiting because we are living and filling our time with relationships, families, work, pleasure, heartache, pain, illnesses, a quest for this or that.  But, it is stuff to distract and busy us while we wait.   It makes that birth to death thing not seem quite so much like the death sentence it really is.

I giggled inwardly at myself today.  I hate waiting.  I mean I hate it.  When God doled out personalities and traits to each individual, the mix of things He gave me did NOT include great hoards of patience.  Some people naturally have it.  I do not.  Now just because I am not gifted with large portions of it does not mean I shouldn't grow some, foster some, pray for some even.  Not having naturally been gifted with it doesn't mean I am exempt from acquiring some.  I wish it did though.  Patience is hard work, for me at least.

Logically I know that just because you are constantly moving in a maniac-ish sort of way from point A to point B does not necessarily mean you will get there any faster than if you just took the direct route and made all the stops. It's the inactivity of waiting that drives me crazy and thus the reason I must keep moving. Waiting is such a waste of valuable time. It's not going back and yet not really getting to move totally forward.

Before you think I don't know the value of waiting, I do. It still doesn't mean I like it, it comes easy to me, or if I was God that I would use that same waiting system He seems to love. I see the necessity of it. I see the value garnered from it.  I likewise see the value of a colon cleanse from time to time but don't rush to have it done!  

Today I spent the day with my daughter before she leaves for an extended period in Africa.  When you are naturally a quick person everyone around you seems slow; traffic, other drivers, store clerks, mall walkers, situations, reactions of others.  I giggled at myself today for always trying to find a quicker way through traffic or faster route to the next place we were going.  I just didn't want to wait on lights or drivers if I didn't have to.  

My have to thought about patience sums it up.  Waiting in life is very much a have to in all our lives, our culture, our world and the God-system that is at work around us.  Patience is more than a have to.  It appears to be a must most of the time.  Being forced to slow down is painful for me.  Like my right knee presently is causing my running to be slower and shorter.  I'm not sure which is more painful, my right knee while running or having to cut back a bit till it recovers.  Who am I kidding, waiting for it to heal properly is harder than the pain of using it!

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