Scathing is a word we don't necessarily use all that often.  It's one of those words that seems to only fit very specific conversations, situations, or responses.  It's also one of those words that clearly and definitively, with marked and jagged borders vocabulary-wise, combines hand on hips, rolling of eyes, shaking of head, with ripping someone up one side and down the other while pointing the index finger firmly in their chest.  That word is a collision of on-course and set expectations with unmercifully unmet and unfairly delivered results gone horrifically awry.

Scathing is teeming with a concoction of anger, disappointment, hurt, angst, bewilderment and the total inability to process the turn of events, the undelivered or broken promise of a stated or known expectation.  We use the word "teeming" in reference to something like, It was teaming with bacteria.  What a great picture of negativity.  Surrounded everywhere is BACTERIA.  Scathing is a bit like that - it is full of swirling emotion, chaos and no way to really process the illogicalness of what caused the emotions to begin with.

If we have lived life for any length of time there have probably been a time or two when you too have been scathing over something.  Something so totally wrong and unjustified you can't settle on just one emotion so the cauldron of them bubble and hiss.  Those emotions, left unchecked, can cause us to react in ways that are not healthy.  To react in ways that are equal to the ones brought on by someone else's actions towards us.  That is never good either. 

I make large pearl homemade tapioca pudding from time to time.  It is a bit time consuming.  You soak the tapioca overnight, bring the milk to just below scalding, add the tapioca, whisk in the egg yolks and cook over low heat until the tapioca pearls are translucent and the milk has thickened.  After that it is removed from the heat and vanilla is added.  At that point I want to rush the cooking line of cooling and add the real whipping cream whipped to peaked goodness.  But, if I add that real whipped whipping cream before the mixture is totally cool, it will get watery.  Or if I put a lid on the pan while it cools, condensation forms inside the lid adding more liquid than I want thus changing the consistency I had achieved by cooking. 
I have ruined a batch or two over the years when I have gotten in a hurry with my taste buds.

I can do the same thing with scathing emotions.   My taste buds though are hangry (yes that is an urban dictionary word) for some scathe.

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