Quite easy it is to lose sight of things.  I'm not sure why always, but it is - at least for me.

It's a bit like driving a car.  If you are constantly gawking around looking everywhere except at the road and the mirrors it's easy to creep toward the center line or veer slightly off the shoulder.  Maybe it's like the show, "The Biggest Loser", when trainer Jillian is screaming, "You are losing sight of the end result.  You CAN run 6 mph for 5 minutes at 1.0 incline!" 

End results happen because of pieces.  They are multi-faceted, works in progress, forward moving change rungs on the ladder.  They are building blocks on each other.  That's what Jillian was trying to say in her overly dramatic I'm-not-just-a-trainer-but-a-self-proclaimed-psycho-therapist-as-well kind of way.  Because, to reach any end result, we have to break it into small pieces it creates regular small wins and target checks.  It also though can create distractions that cause us to lose sight easily and get overwhelmed at how far we still have to go to the end result.  That is the conundrum. 

We easily get distracted, off-focus, discouraged, unmotivated and side swiped by interruptions in life.  I lose sight sometimes running.  There are days my body is whipped for various and sundry reasons, not withstanding either that I am 46 years old.  On those days I seriously have to break the miles down into chunks physically and mentally.  I have to change the running dialogue that flops lose in my brain to more consciously focus on those markers along the way.  The end result is the completion of the run period.  That's what I say on those hard runs where my legs feel like weights or that my body is tied to a boat anchor. 

I can't lose sight that the struggle to the end result is merely temporary.  If I stop running before the end of the run, it's oh so easy to not finish the run.  I don't stop.  My ass might be slower than molasses on those rough days but I gotta get my focus off the process and to the end result. My carrot on crap runs is simply this, if I finish this run, these miles, I don't ever have to run again if I choose not to.  Completing anything, even a small piece of a bigger puzzle is motivating isn't it.  I am still running.

Have you ever lost focus while driving and when you realized you weren't paying attention you over compensated.  It's very risky to do in inclement weather or with traffic all around.  Refocusing when we have stopped the journey, gotten side-swiped, gone off target is tough.  It's like stopping in the middle of a run and trying to start up to finish the run. 

God talks about it in the Bible.  We spend our time on things that are fleeting, things that keep us off target.  I can get bogged down with the worries of life.  In trying to live life in chunks of everyday living I can easily lose sight, drop my focus on the end result. 

It really affects everything in our lives.  I can lose focus on my relationship to God.  I can let current circumstances swallow my energy and purpose away.  I can veer from dreams for a career or direction that I know is my heart's desire.  I can get side-swiped by fear or regret that keep me from focusing on the end result.  I can let day to day life be wasted under the illusion that a day or days (days are on a repeating loop) don't impact the end result. They most definitely do. Before I know it those wasted days have put me on the disabled list - benched from the focus of the end result.

My markers along the way in running become a half-mile, then a mile, then a mile and half, then 3 miles, then 4.... and eventually, if I stay focused on completing each marker,  I eventually get to the end result - my driveway.

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