I don't get grossed out easily.  I can see gore itself and not be faint from it.  I once split my forearm open down to the bone from the wrist to the elbow.  I could see the muscle sheath, all the layers like in a three-dimensional picture ending up at the bone.  I didn't look away or freak out. My two older sisters once shoved me into the edge of a piece of furniture.  It split the space between my upper lip and nose. They proceeded to keep pulling it apart. I now have a beautifully crooked scar and smile.  In my aging years I appear to have had a stroke as my mouth pulls to the left from it.

What I can't handle easily is the reason for gore sometimes. If it is the result of an accident, that's somewhat logical and understandable even if horrific.  If it is the result of violence or hate, I am shaken to the core.  And if it is a Quentin Tarantino movie, then I am at least 99% sure there will be graphic and senseless killing and violence. That in and of itself could be another blog post - a look at Quentin Tarantino, the man and the movies!

The first time I attempted to watch "Schindlers List" years ago I broke down sobbing in one of the first scenes in which a group of Jews were lined up and shot.  I lost all control and ran from the room emotionally gripped by it.  I tried another time to watch the movie with similar results.  It was on my third attempt at watching that I stayed in the room for the entire movie. The deep sorrow I felt stayed with me for days though after watching it.  It hung on my spirit and mind like fog on the moors.

There was no warning really in that first scene of "Schindler's List" to the senseless and random assassination of a group of Jewish people.  Those Jewish people, human comrades who shared the earth with those same Germans, were going about their business.  It was not deserved, expected or rational. 

Hate is a horrible thing that brings with it no rhyme or reason.  No logic can be found or resolution determined.  Hate leaves only sorrow in its wake. It also separates and isolates.  It's how a mad man and his followers can annihilate close to 6 million Jews.  Hate creates lines, delineations, and illuminates differences as wrongs instead of seeing them as different and beautiful colors in the the humanity crayon box - the picture is more vivid with different shades.  It's through hate that people pull triggers to guns to kill people.  It's through hate that nations suppress religious sects or people groups within their borders with extreme measures like "ethnic cleansing".

Hate is what caused the assination of Abraham Lincoln, of Martin Luther King Jr., the imprisonment of Nelson Mandella, the civil rights killings, slavery, a slew of school shootings.  Ultimately, it's what caused the crucifixion of Jesus. 

I hate hate. I hate what it does.  I hate what it destroys.  I hate the sorrow that it leaves behind it.  I hate that hate removes the link of humanity that should bind us together.  Hate is a monster.  It is huge and its power is stifling and crippling. 

I love that hate doesn't win though.  There is something bigger whose mode of operation, delivery system, timing and prominence is played on a different level.  Ultimately, love wins the race.  It always has the final word.  Love is the world champion of Rock, Paper, Scissors:) 

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