Maybe you'd heard it before, "They're in the zone!"  Maybe you'd said that about someone, or even felt for a season you yourself were in the zone.  It's a sweet spot isn't it!

It's zen when we are operating in a place of it-ness.  We are unstoppable, perfectly aligned for the time, the job, the situation, the relationship, etc.  Though that in-the-zone phrase is used a lot of times in reference to focusing and conquering head games in sports, it's more far reaching and much bigger than a moment.

What if we could all live our lives in the zone?  Not withstanding the ups and downs that just merely living life bring, what if we could be who we really are, who God designed us to be, fully engaged in operating in the zone of our gifts and talents.  Wouldn't that be freeing and productive and creative and satisfying?  I believe it could help us achieve far greater things in our lives than when we live outside of it in every area of our lives.  EVERY!

Conversation yesterday led itself to talking about that "ZONE" of who each of us really is.  During separate discussions with two different people the concept of the freedom to operate fully as ourselves came up.  We all felt that relationally when allowed to be fully and freely ourselves we are better, richer people with more to bring to the table.  We are sharper, less insecure.  The problem with that at times is we all sometimes think others need to adhere to our personality, strengths, views, mode of communication, acumen, dogma, etc.  Most of the time I don't think it's conscious.  But since we are our only point of reference, we can't always easily let others be who they are.  We feel it our mission to change those things outside of sometimes who we are by all things subtle or all things not so subtle with others.  I want you to be fully you.  And, I want to be fully me. 

It goes really much further than that....

If we can be free to be ourselves, to be comfortable to be that person, to get over our insecurities of needing affirmation to operate as that person, to understand how we are wired/created/designed to fulfill our call to the Zone it would alter what we do for a living and how we approach our jobs.  How we approach what we do for a living.  It would and should make us want to do the kinds of things in jobs that are designed for our personalities, our gift mixes.  God really does have a purpose in our uniqueness as people.

I've seen people in life who are horrible leaders, horrible bosses because they are not operating in their gift mixes, in their zones.  If no one can follow you, you probably aren't designed to be the leader of a company.  That in and of itself does NOT make you a bad person, you are just operating in the wrong ZONE of who you were created and designed to be.  We though get so caught up in the world system of upward success that we put it ahead of the success and freedom we can experience to be fully engaged in operating via our strengths, in our sweet spot.  

There is nothing more frustrating for someone with a wild bent toward creativity or vision casting to have to be in a position of literalism.  They see big pictures but cause chaos in knowing how to practically, effectively and efficiently move the pendulum toward it.  It's good to know who we are - it makes others lives better too. 

I look at it like a cog or a turbine.  If you've ever been beneath the Hoover Dam to see its inner workings, it blows your mind! Not just in the immensity of the operation below the earth, but the huge turbines that move energy are mind stopping!!  If one blade is off, the spin is incorrect, then no power is created.  It stops the energy flow.  We are the same way.  Operating who we are in life spiritually, emotionally, physically, intellectually, communicatively, relationally, and vocationally allows others to do the same.  Positive energy is released and the institution, the relationship, the business
can move forward the way it was designed.

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