I'm sure that for everything I say I dislike, think is stupid, totally irrelevant, misguided, or is causing the dumbing down of our society, there is just as many who would say the complete opposite.  No doubt some of what I say from time to time probably makes people a bit uncomfortable (too racy or too blunt).  My sarcastic (it's like over enunciating a word to make it clear - done on purpose at times) approach might make some believe me to be harsh. 

The view through my window may not be the same as yours some of the time, part of the time, or pretty much all of the time. I like to delude myself into thinking that much of what I think and feel, you do too. You might even appreciate someone worming into your own head and heart and saying what you can't quite nail down or say out loud.  I've met my purpose if I can do that for more than my beautiful fiesty 80 year old aunt who reads this daily.

I don't do shallow anything well.  I also don't tolerate it from those around me very easily.  For me it's like having to slather a plate of liver and onions in ketchup to hide the taste.  If you are 2 inches deep and 4 miles wide I have to fight the urge to want to slug you (I dedicate that one to my niece Jill).  Shallowness just does not abide with my free spirited and probably too real ways.  

Celebrity-ism drives me crazy.  The degree our culture worships at the alter of people who make a living by being famous is amazing to me.  I just don't get it.  The insatiable market for more celebrity news is highlighted every time I stand in line at a check lane in a store.  There, near the candy marketed for children's eye levels, are hoards of celebrity "dish" magazines and tabloids.  Obviously marketing research says we want to know.  The "Enquirer" magazine says, "Enquiring minds want to know!" (They altered inquiring from an i to enquiring with an e.)  We want to see the worst "celebrity" bikini bodies (I only need to look at mine and that's far more than enough!).  We want to see who appears to have had plastic surgery to the point where they look not ok or even real any longer (They degrade the work I put into getting all my wrinkles and lines through living life!). 

That shallow-ism is thrown at us both subversively and blatantly.  That is NOT real life.  It isn't.  I don't need to see J-Lo's decade in butt shots.  I don't care that Larry Wagner had a love child.  Do you think it changes my life at all to know that Anna Nicole Smith's daughter looks just like her and is modeling?  I don't want to know that this director had an affair with his leading lady.  And most definitely I don't care what weight Kirstie Alley is presently.  I get more joy and satisfaction watching my neighbor lose weight as she changes her lifestyle than I ever will some celebrity!   Investing in the lives of people in my world is important, life-changing even.  But please stop acting like celebrity information is vital.  I do not have a real relationship with any of them.

We have a whole industry built around a set, a front, a facade.  It's not real.  It's not how real people look as they age. It's not how real people handle difficult situations or heartaches in their lives - with cameras rolling.  I don't need news magazine shows dedicated to following the celebrity culture.  It perpetuates this endless cycle of worship, intrigue, and shallowness.

Being famous for just merely being famous is a category all on its own.  There are reps and agents and agencies dedicated to facilitating the rise of the famous.  It's orchestrated, man-handled and strategically planned.  What it tells me is that it is successful because we too are shallow.  We fall for the celebrity worship fixation.  It feeds the machine.  It feeds the two inch deep four miles wide world of shallowness.

I most definitely love a good TV sitcom, a great movie, a musician playing great music.  I don't worship them though or the mechanism of fame that gives them a platform to have their talent seen and enjoyed by others.  To make them less or more than that is just not accurate or healthy.

Just yesterday I was perusing facebook, looking at someone's info that is a friend of a friend. That narrows it way down for you:)  Their info said, "I don't read anything unless it's; OK! magazine, US weekly or People magazine. 

My heart sank.  I didn't drown though, the water on that page was only 2 inches deep!

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