I believe thinking is what makes you smart, not necessarily knowledge.  Read that statement again.  Think about it.  We get smart by thinking not just merely by knowledge alone.

The difference has something to do with the process we go through to think.  We emotionally handle thinking on one of its pass-throughs in our thinking process.  Knowledge is far more utilitarian, memorizable and one dimensional.

Thinking demands inspection outside of set parameters of always logical, always analytical, always predictable, always defined.  Thinking utilizes and fosters deduction, processing, analyzing, judging, feeling, memory, emotions, creativity, explorations, projections and actions.  It is taking knowledge, situations, circumstances, problems, every day life and viewing it inside and outside the box.  It is a mix and collision of both concrete and ethereal processes.

I was running this morning.  When I run I have a dialogue of free thoughts in my head.  Many are the subjects that tumble about in my head in that stretch of time where my body is undistractedly occupied with itself.  That allows my mind the freedom to rise and fall freely from this to that and back again.  I thought.  And I thought.  And I thought some more.

I have been writing this blog since August 2010. In 600+ blog posts I have thought out loud. I have purposely tried to foster that process of thinking.  My first goal in this blog was to write 50 consecutive days without a break.  I did that.  After doing that I realized I had many more thoughts, more things to say, and decided to go to 100.  With each marker I passed I wondered if I would run out of things to say.  Amazingly, I have not, though it involves thinking.  Which, for me, has become a discipline I want to keep and that has made me better.

Thinking has been and continues to be a catalyst to many things in my life.  I don't want to be static, one-dimensional.  I want to move, express, understand, wrestle with things from time to time.  I want to feel it, process it, speak it out loud which in turn allows the release of my relentless ways and helps others be able to put a voice to their own thoughts as well.  I don't know as though my thoughts are unique or original - they are just voiced.

There have been times that I have had more time to just think.  Thinking evokes subject matter.  Those periods in my life when I actually have portions of the day free of people and obligations have been very creative thinking periods for me. Thinking is like miracle grow for me to not only write, but to process.  There have been other times when life squeezes out that free thought time needed to get smarter, to develop thoughts that lead to realizations, epiphanies, memories, subject matters, decisions or even healing inside. 

I am not a Monk (wrong sex!), but I think I understand part of the desired result of their silence and alone ways.  Based on my theory of thinking makes us smarter, they are probably brilliant.  I wonder what they would say in a blog:)

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