What is with people!  

Human behavior is intriguing, annoying and all together troubling many times.  Is it a cultural shift?  Am I just getting intolerant of people's intolerance toward others?  Or am I just getting old?

It was snowy here over the weekend making roads a bit icy and troublesome.  Snowy conditions make a driver reconsider certain driving maneuvers they might do in dry non-inclement weather. At least they do SOME drivers!

Stopping at a railroad crossing with the gate down as a train passed by in snowy conditions caused us to leave a car and half length between us - the first car from the gate - and the gate.  Due to the snow, and the fact the train crossing was on a slight incline, we sat down the incline a bit so as to get better traction when the gate lifted.  The intersection behind the train crossing was a four-way stop.  It was not a busy time of day on an early Saturday morning.  Behind us in line were two cars and then one more wanting to turn right into the car lane already waiting for the train to pass by.

As the train neared close to the end of its length, a van pulled in front of us - in the car length we had left between us and the railroad arm guard.  He came from somewhere behind us at the four way stop.  Going around 3 other cars in line, including us at the crossing arm at the railroad crossing, that van with a handicapped license plate pulled in.  He now sat crunched in that space and on a snowy, icy incline.  

I shook my head in disgust and said, "Unless there is a medical emergency in that vehicle and he needs to be first out of the gate when this train is done, what is with people!!"   It was a driving ethical and strategic no-no that this driver had pulled.  As the train arm lifted, the van struggled to move on that incline (the very reason we had not chosen to pull all the way up).  We had to wait on his slow take off though he had been in a god-awful hurry to be first in line and had rudely and precariously budged in line.  

We followed the van driver through the lighted intersection still commenting on the fact that it had better been a medical emergency that caused him to make that move.  There was no emergency.  Instead, he turned into the Meijer store to do his SHOPPING!!!!!!!!  Unbelievable.  Simply my mind couldn't wrap itself around this man's stupid and dangerous and highly inappropriate driving move.  What is with people!

It was the weekend for the what's with people underground group to surface and rule the earth.  Humanity's inconsideration for other people was topping the behavior charts from every direction.

So sick of winter I was this week that I wanted to scream.  I had cabin fever!!  In an effort to fend off the winter blues we donned our sub-terrain gear of layers and Yaks to traverse some miles.  We abide by the laws of going against traffic when using the roads as runners and walkers.  Traffic was a loosely used word as this past weekend's weather; windy, snowy and cold, made the car traffic in our neighbor almost nill.  Foot travelers were virtually non-existent except for us crazies. 

I prefer to face on-coming traffic to see my impending death clearer and give myself a fighting chance of jumping to safety if possible.  In doing so you assume traffic that is flowing the same direction you are going as a runner/walker, but on the opposite of the road, will stay on his or hers side of the road.  As a big 4x4 truck came from behind us (in the opposite lane but moving the same direction as we were) it was attempting to drive fast to blow the snow off itself by the wind it created through speed.  But on roads that were not plowed well and freshly covered in snow the vehicle fish-tailed back and forth.  I'm not sure that the driver even saw us in the cloud of snow he created from the accumulated snow cloud around his vehicle.  He veered closer and closer towards us.

I had enough of people!  What's with people!!  He had a whole side of the road with no vehicles approaching him from either direction.  Why he chose to hot-dog it like that with pedestrians next to him I do not know.  My looks of disgust over his inconsiderate and dangerous behavior could not even be seen through the cloud of snow he left behind as he sped off recklessly unaware of other humans around him.

I wish I had a large dart gun like the ones you see used to take down and tranquilize a large animal in the wild.  Oh I don't want to harm anyone.  I would like though to momentarily delay them, force them to stop their dangerous and rude behavior toward others. A tranquilizer is designed to sedate a person or animal so that it can be handled safely for transport or capture:)

What is with people any more!   

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