Today I thought about those little sighs of satisfaction that we experience from time to time.  Like for instance, after the first bite of a dish of Kilwin's ice cream there is a bit of um yeah that inevitably rolls off my tongue. I rarely eat ice cream (lactose intolerant), so a bite or two is about it for me.  I savor it.  My satisfaction and delight of its goodness comes out. 

Right now we are keeping my daughter and son-in-law's papillon named Fenley while they are in Africa.  Weighing in at about 10 pounds or so, he is just the size to hold.  And evidently they held him A LOT (I think the culprit more accurately would be that my daughter, Hannah, held him a lot).  He seems to need a great deal of attention, particularly of the touching and holding kind.  When you pick him up to hold him close he actually makes little gruntie piggy noises.  The kind of noises that say "Oh uh-huh, yay I am being held and it makes me feel soooo good!  Attention, hooray!"  He grunts in delight and pleasure like a pig after it has filled its belly.

I do the same thing after I get done with projects that are visually changed with some work.  I must admit that after painting a room or taking down a wall inside the house by myself I survey my work.  Standing back to admire what my hand just completed I feel a deep sense of satisfaction. 

Babies do the same thing while breastfeeding.  It's a sort of gulping milk-induced happy tummy aura that takes place.  Look at the face of an infant immediately post breast feeding and you'll see evidence of a virtual "milk high".  Complete and utter (pun here!) satisfaction!

The glass of Silver Oak Cabernet from The Boathouse in Sutton's Bay, Michigan gave me that sense of satisfaction - the kind you want to repeat again and again and again.  You can have cheap wine till the cows come home, it doesn't leave you with palate satisfaction.  There is a bit of truth to the adage, "You get what you pay for."  That $110 bottle of wine was the smoothest Cabernet I've ever had.  No other since has been that good.

Every year when I get my files cleaned out and the taxes filed, I feel a deep river of satisfaction of completion.  There's a sense that have I accomplished something and am ready to face the financial year ahead with clean and empty files once again.  My ducks are all in a row and I can rest easy.  That is a great feeling of satisfaction!  Procrastination never brings that feeling.

When I single handedly replaced all the inner workings to my 1950's toilet and replaced nearly all the over head lights in my house all by myself, I felt significant satisfaction.  I also felt blessed that I had not electrocuted myself and that the toilet did NOT leak after getting all the parts and pieces back together. I still feel that same sense of accomplishment every time I sit on the toilet and flush or turn a light off and on.

Believe it or not I get a smidgen of that deep satisfaction every time I have a cold glass of water drank from a real glass (water is best very cold, no ice, served in a glass made of glass - so is a coke).  Water is my drink of choice which probably stems from my growing up on a farm.  We pretty much only drank water.  I'm not sure how such a simple without a taste sort of beverage can bring me such satisfaction.  My husband giggles every time I say, "I love water.  It tastes so good!"

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