I laugh alot.  Probably at times at things that I shouldn't.  Possibly I should be more serious but honestly find that even the seriousest of things have an ironic/humorous/light hearted thread in them - a piece I think divinely ordained to help us not be swallowed up by it.  I find life so much more enjoyable when brushed with humor and a touch of irreverence.  It's like putting double the amount of chocolate chips in the cookie recipe!  Since that is my windshield, I not only enjoy showing people what I see, but deeply love others who have found that view as well.

My middle sister was a serious kid.  She was very opposite of me in just about all areas.  She fretted and worried - I did not.  She was beautiful and had breasts - I had neither beauty or boobs.  She was refined and feminine - I was askew and a bit of a tomboy.  She had a date every weekend in high school - I did not.  She excelled in school and wanted a perfect GPA by studying constantly - I was content to get what I got without effort, A's and B's were fine with me.  She knew what she wanted to be when she grew up from a young age - I am 46 and still trying to figure that out.  She was regularly noticed if we walked down the street together (still is) - I was virtually invisible.  She was a compliant child with our parents - I was not.   She loved reading and indoor quiet activities - I spent every waking hour outside exploring and perfecting my peeing behind the barn form.  She planned, was neat and very organized - I was a wing-it-fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kinda person.  She was more serious - I was giggly and irreverent.  She was more conservative - I was more of a free spirit.

I love my sister (actually have two and love them both!).  If you have a sister you know exactly what I mean.  There are things you don't even have to say to your sister(s) because they know you from the inside out.  That is freeing, comforting and magically hard to define and nail down.  They bring a dimension to my life that without their presence would be silent, barren and would create an unscalable crater that I would struggle to get across.  Part of who they are is part of who I am.

As my middle sister has gotten older she has shed much of her worried ways, retained her regal beauty, lightened up on having to have everything in order or be perfect, adopted some of my irreverent (and occasional swearing) ways, and now laughs readily and easily.  She laughs at all things I say and makes me laugh by her honest and blunt approach to aging, dieting and exercising.

Last night I texted her after I got home from work.  After catching up on upcoming events in both our lives, covering what to get our niece for an upcoming baby shower, she said this...."I just ate a zero bar before supper.  I'm confessing :("   I couldn't stop laughing.  Sometimes you gotta eat the bad stuff over the good stuff.  If you wait till after dinner you might be too full for dessert! I responded, "If you would have cut it up in pieces and stuck toothpicks in the bites it could have qualified as an appetizer."

Laughter and validation are a great combo.

P.S.  If you have never had a Zero bar you need to try one!  You would want to eat it BEFORE supper too:)


  1. Really enjoy reading your blog Nancy. And , as usually, you are dead on. Also, you are correct. Zero bars are AWESOME!
    - Fred J.

  2. Thanks Fred! So glad you read:) Anyone who reads the metronome of my thoughts AND loves Zero bars is president of the fan club that I do not have:)