We all have a zen place, a zen thing.  That thing that connects us to the secret language inside ourselves.  Our reaction to that thing causes us to feel an ahhhhh - to be refreshed, recharged.  We are in our element on many levels when we are there.
For some it's best found when sitting as a spectator on their couch or in a stadium being a sport-aholic. That's your sweet spot.  For others it is sitting in a deer stand in 30 degree weather being totally quiet experiencing nature in its habitat.  Some love the frenetic energy of a big city - it brings them to life. There are those that love to feel the dirt between their fingers by gardening and get lost in that place. Still others find their best place through music.

My zen place is outdoors in the sun.  The sun literally brings me to life, calms my center and makes me feel more like myself than anything else.  According to my husband, he watches me come alive in the sun.  My daughter's favorite heart pleasure is a rainy or foggy day.  That is completely foreign to me.  I feel weighed down by fog, boxed in and a bit cagey from rain.  Rain and fog are to her like the sun is to me.

When my daughter Hannah got married in August of 2009 the ceremony was in a beautiful little outdoor Japanese garden.  August in Indiana is typically dry and hot.  I don't know about the hot, but outdoor weddings are probably a bit better for the attendees if rain stays away.  The day began with some clouds and sun with a distinctive bent toward clouds.  I fretted as the procession started up the garden path that the ominous darkening sky would let loose rain before the vows were exchanged.

Just as the short ceremony finished sprinkles began.  Hannah seemed unconcerned.  I was, on the other hand, very concerned - it was starting to rain at an outdoor wedding and reception!  I didn't feel centered or necessarily calm over it. 

We changed venues to my middle sister's backyard for the big white tented reception.  The sky darkened even more and the wind picked up.  By the time the cake was cut there was torrential rain blowing sideways from the west.  Everything got wet; the food table, the dance floor and PEOPLE! 

My heart sank.  To me it was a soggy, windy, gray mess.  To Hannah's description of that day later, it was her favorite weather - a rainy day.  She got to experience her zen weather on one of the most special days of her life. 

Eddie Rabbitt coined his zen place descriptively in the words to "I Love A Rainy Night".....

Well I love a rainy night
I love a rainy night
I love to hear the thunder
Watch the lightning
When it lights up the sky
You know it makes me feel good

Well I love a rainy night
It's such a beautiful sight
I love to feel the rain
On my face
To taste the rain on my lips
In the moonlight shadow

Showers washed
All my cares away
I'd wake up to a sunny day
'Cause I love a rainy night
Yes I love a rainy night
Well I love a rainy night
I love a rainy night

He got it right.  After we get to experience that thing, that place, that condition that fits perfectly into our soul it restores us, washes us anew. 

BTW - Eddie Rabbitt's music is not anywhere near my zen place:)

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