It's Good Friday today in the Christian calendar.  I thought about the term "good" that is associated with a day that represents the death of Jesus on the cross.  What is good about that?  Is death normally "good", or pleasant or even desired?

My mind went to another phrase that we insert the word good into that doesn't entirely fit our typical definition of "good" - good riddanceIt's an idiom (a non predictable from the typical word definition it's comprised of creating a peculiar phrase) meaning,  I'm happy someone or something is gone.  I get that phrase.  There are somethings and people that when the circumstance or person is gone, it is good!  Sometimes VERY GOOD!!!!!!!

That takes us back to Good Friday. 

The good part of Good Friday is literally in the same vein as the phrase good riddance.  Jesus' death in and of itself was not good.  Not pleasant in the least.  Personally I cannot think of too many ways that would be as horrific as having spikes pounded through your wrists and ankles, being suspended from a large wooden cross to die from a form of suffocation associated with the pain and position your body was being in held in. 

The good part of it came because of His willingness to die - to actually go through the physical excruciating process of dying - to get to the other side of death.  It was on that side of death that Jesus said good riddance to the power of sin and death to keep us in bondage, send us to hell and separate us from God because of our humanity. 

That horrific death made something go away - forever.  No longer do I have to live unsuccessfully to meet a set of rules that, in my humanity, I can never meet.  Law and rules cannot not make us good enough because we can never ever get them right all the time.  We fail miserably because we are human.  Having to and fear is not the best motivator for real change in our lives. 

Good riddance to the bondage of sin and our limitations to not get it right all the time.  Hello to grace for our humanity and a visual of how much God truly loves us and longs to have a relationship in life with us.

It really was a Good Friday.

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