...Give me a smart idiot over a stupid genius any day.
Samuel Goldwyn

I move fast.  I get impatient.  I like the question that I have asked to be answered - that one only not every other one I didn't ask.  I am usually far ahead in the engineering process in my head.  I don't need every last detail of instructions to independently move ahead or complete things.  I get highly frustrated with people who do.

Obviously all people were created unequally.  Though we have some sameness in us, some universalness about our humanity - quite a bit of commonality at times.  Much of the time it is blaringly clear that though we all have human DNA, some of us abide on another intellectual planet. 

I have always found it fascinating there are those that absorb information and knowledge like a sponge.  They read, they study, they research but instinctively it just comes to them fairly effortlessly.  They have high knowledge IQs.  Interestingly enough though, there is another group of people who have intuitive, deductive and common sense intelligence. 

The problems lies in the fact that though our intellectual knowledge base can be increased, intellectual intelligence is just the way some are geared.  It is the way their brains work. Intuitive/deductive/common sense intelligence really can't be taught through book learning necessarily.  Life experience can increase it some.  But it too is what it is - given us or not given us to great degrees.

My dilemma comes to the surface when I, a highly intuitive/deductive/common sense person, have to try to explain something very elementary and simple to a high IQer.  Most intellectual brilliance is so stacked that it leaves them with no comprehension of simple.  Period. 

Case in point.  After explaining a very simple process to a very high IQer today I was met with a blank stare.  I started over again, this time simplifying what I was saying even more. That was my mistake.  It is the simple that they cannot comprehend, that bogs them down.  Amazingly enough it goes completely over their heads:)  Four times I explained the concept.  Four times they commented back making the simple very convoluted and complex.

Fortunately this person and I have a great relationship.  He knows his high IQ has left no room for common sense or comprehension of everyday simple systems and processes.  I wanted though to beat the hell out of him for wasting my time over something so simple.  Then I caught myself.  I wondered if he at times felt that way with me.  Maybe his high intellectual IQ made him frustrated that I couldn't follow his knowledge at times.  But who cares because his high IQ wasn't going to move knowledge to action, I was!!

I thought about it further.  If I have great banks of intellectual knowledge but don't have what it takes to use it to its max because I lack deductive/common sense, what good is it! 

I decided I much prefer residing on my planet.

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