There are things that just defy logic.  Gravity isn’t one of them.  I mean we know exactly what will happen if you drop something – it will fall.  We know there is a natural law at work there.  Even if we don’t quite get how or why, we know it is.  It doesn’t change. 

We also know the rules of driving.  We had to know them at least at some point in our life when we took our driver’s license exam or sat in a driver’s education course.  What happens to that knowledge with some people later behind the wheel of a vehicle, I do not know.  I never ever forget the knowledge I garnered.  Ever:)

Who drives with both back brake lights not working on a two lane highway with stop and go traffic?  Illogical based on the driving information we as drivers all possess.    Who does not utilize temporary passing lanes on a two lane road as a window of opportunity to get around slow drivers?  It is illogical to me that utilizing those temporary pass lanes would not involve max speeds to allow as many cars as possible to get around slow vehicles.  Who doesn’t pay attention to those drivers behind you swearing and shaking their fists as the passing lane ends with only their own car passing the slow vehicle?

Semi-truck drivers should never ever get in the left lane to pass another truck going up a hill.  That is simply wrong and illogical.  A semi-truck's inability to gain speed up a hill is known without being spoken. Logic usually is!  Did everything they learn in CDL trucking courses leave their brains?  Cars have no tolerance for that. Well at least this car driver doesn't:) Farmers with farm equipment and semi-trucks need to stay in the right lane.  Even if one of them is a bit faster than the slowest member of the right laners, they are still WAY too slow for the fast lane.  Slow drivers should not pass other slower drivers – because slow is slow to the line of fast no matter where you fall on the slow line!

Hotels in Kansas at the end of April are not full and should be LUCKY to have anyone check in.  The rates should not be the same as a hotel in Chicago where there are amazing restaurants and stellar sightseeing ventures to be had. Just because Bob Dole is from Kansas still makes those rates illogical. Remember you are KANSAS!!

Bars of soap should never be made into square shapes.  That is illogical based on the shape of our bodies.  You cannot, without discomfort, fit a square bar of soap into your armpit.  Arm pits are like a bowl and square things with hard corners do not adequately allow for maximum cleaning!    Do hotels all buy their small square bars of soap from the same vendor?  Please give me the right shape of a mini bar of soap or I just cannot feel like I am as clean as I could be.

Justin Bieber’s misguided belief that, wearing his pants so low that the crotch of them is almost to his knees is appealing, is totally illogical.  It is also illogical to me that his wanna-be-black-but-am-white swagger doesn’t totally negate his music to his hordes of fans.  That whole phenom is a vivid picture of logic defied.

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