Holding my hand walking into Bed Bath and Beyond my husband said, "Babe, I love your directness."  I cringed a bit inside.  Sometimes I am very direct.  I had just finished being direct with a sales woman at the Room Store where we were perusing dining room tables.  I never want to be rude or make someone feel stupid, even though at times I feel both of those things!!  But to be sure I don't always mince words.

The conversation went something like this. . .

Sales Lady:  These are our selection of smaller dining room tables.

Me:  This is really the only one that would match our other furniture.  Why does the leaf not fit tighter?  I see it's on sale ending today.  How much will the table go up if  it is not on sale?

Sales Lady:  Actually that table doesn't come in that finish any longer.  It comes in this finish (pointing to the table next to it). Our sales change weekly, but this doesn't go up much even if not on sale.  I'm not sure why that leaf isn't tighter (calls another sales person over). 

Other Sales Person:  Well it doesn't fit right because it is a bit malfunctioned in one of the pegs.  We had our put-together staff look into whether they are all that way, or if this is just an isolated defective table.  They are pretty sure it is just this particular show room table. (I'm not liking the sound of that.)

Me:  You might want to put out a showroom display that isn't defective.  I notice this table is on sale and the tag says the sale ends today 4/30/13.  Do these tables regularly have a sale price and if so, when is the next sale (because we were not ready to buy then and were still looking)?

Sales Lady:  The sales change every Wednesday on different items.  It will go up in price but not much really.

Me:  So you don't know when this table goes on sale again?  What kind of a cost increase on the non-sale price is "not much"?

Sales Lady:  Sales change every Wednesday. Cost increases $100, not much really.

Me:  A $100 is still a $100 dollars.  That to me is a significant sale cost savings.

Sales Lady:  I could honor the sales price for up to 30 days after the sale ends.

Me:   Good to know.  (I was actually screaming in my head, Why did you just not say that from the beginning when I asked about the sale price ending today!)

I'm not into lies, ploys, evasive anything.  I don't
tolerate it well from others either.  If I think for a minute you are playing the game, my directness will ratchet up a notch.  Mean what you say and say what you mean keeps me from having to get blaringly direct.  Don't make me go there!

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