This blog is back powered by blogger.  They provide stats on number of reads, countries of readers, pages read, operating systems that are used to view the blog, etc....  Today I clicked on audience to check the stats for where readers are coming from (origin of country).  It said among other strange countries, KazakhstanI giggled out loud as the image from a scene in "Austin Powers" came to mind - they use Kazakhstan as a reference in that movie!

I suspect that those stats of country of origin aren't always accurate.  I do not believe that there are a large number of readers in China, though it tells me there are.  What I think is that my blog is somehow being used abroad for something fishy.  Occasionally spam comments come through.  They are funny, usually not relevant to what I have written about, and really bad English.  I did though once get a comment on a post written in French.  I had to have my son-in-law, who is fluent in French, translate it for me. 

My wonderful husband, who foolishly believes I am one pen stroke away from a Pulitzer, says he thinks they are reposting my blog in Chinese and making money off my words.  To which I replied, "Well, at least someone is making money off it!"  Which reminds me of the "Seinfeld" episode where Jerry gets royalty checks for a penny from Japan and has to endorse them all.  The exchange value stinks! 

I really don't believe that the Chinese have a desire to read what a middle aged white woman from America thinks.  Nor do I think people in Kazakhstan care either.  Most of the time I question the validity of the U.S. readership:)  Stats can be skewed easily.  We can make something look better or worse very easily with a spin. 

The one area that I know is correct is the amount of people who surf for porn and click on my blog post titles from a Google search thinking they are going to get an eye full of porn.  I regularly have massive reads on post titles such as, "Cleavage Wars", and "A Salute To The Small Breasted Gals".  I track their entry point on Google and it is a porn search.  It gives me pleasure and comfort to know that I basically performed a bait and switch on them.

I am desperately hoping to pick up a reader or two in some other strangely obscure country whose first language isn't even English.  Accomplishing that feat will most definitely make me feel like I am impacting the world, or possibly like I am being used as a spam front across the continent of Asia.  Either one is a feather in my cap for me.  I mean really, who cares about real readers, fake ones will do
Like ABC's Wide World of Sports program with Jim McKay, that aired from 1961-1998, said in its weekly introduction . . . "Spanning the globe . . ."  That's what my blog is doing:)

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