We get in the way of a lot of things.  The me monster as comedian Brian Regan likes to refer to people who only talk about themselves, exuding this misguided belief that they are far more interesting than they really are and who turn back every conversation to themselves, is just that - an out of control monster.  They are the sun, moon and stars in their own planets.  With no external forces able to penetrate the misaligned view they hold of themselves, they can, if taken to an extreme form, become menaces if given or forcefully take an authoritative role in public life. 

Those that hold an unchecked view of superior self, combined with the authority and power they hold (either taken or gained), are some of the most frightening players on the world front both presently and throughout history. 

If you were to look back to the rise and complete flourishable domination of the Roman empire, you would clearly see this pattern of the empirical view of self skewing ultimately the substance of the grandiose power achieved.  That which was the reason and drive for their rise to domination, eventually when unchecked, when unhealthy, became its unraveling, its annihilation.

We really are our own worst enemy when we always put ourselves center stage to the detriment of others.  Hitler did that.  His own warped and elevated view of self drove him to make decisions to gain power and ultimately kill a people group that he deemed not clean and pure.  Me monsters are seldom truly understood.  Like I tell my husband sometimes, crazy isn't usually rational.

The view of superior self creates a very real thought process that drives people to truly believe (not just think) they are above the written law of our culture and also just the basic laws of human nature.  They truly believe they are the rule makers and that laws are not meant for them.  North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-ung falls very clearly into that category.  You combine that superior self view with a bad haircut and you have a highly volatile and unstable wing nut of a leader  In the extreme form their narcissism bleeds into everything and over on everyone around them - even and including other countries.

That superior view of self, the me-monster, drives leaders in public to sexual indiscretions.  They see a disconnect between their actions and their position.  In fact, their position in their minds gives them cadence to exercise their power.  Power to a me-monster person usually is domination of sorts if not kept in check.

Those who were proponents of slavery believed in the complete superiority of the white race. They believed that the worth of anyone not white was minimal. That crooked view of color and humanity kept a culture and a race oppressed for hundreds of years.  It probably still does in some ways.

We are all born with a me-monster.  One of the first words we say as a child is NO.  You can argue that might be because parents spend a great deal of the first couple of years of a child's life setting safety parameters which involve the word "NO".  It's there none-the-less whether inherent or learned. 

Celebrities, or sometimes the wealthy, have an air of entitlement.  Based on the non-reality world they live in, it's no wonder there is a real left of center view of self in their lives.  The news reports incidences of celebrities melting down over not getting their me-monster demands met on a regular basis. 

The world would probably be quite different if there were no me-monster leaders wielding crazy unchecked power.  Crime would definitely diminish if me-monsters respected laws of our culture and laws of basic human nature.  Peace might be achieved in the Middle East, domination would not be a way of life for whole cultures and we would not have a national debt if the me-monsters denied themselves.

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