Out and about lately, I saw an older woman painted up with way too much makeup.  Her hair was bleached (not a good look on her age), teased high and mightily and sprayed an unmovable even in a hurricane position.  Her coiffed and lacquered down with an aerosol can of Aqua Net hair was no doubt the reason for the widening hole in the ozone. [Did Al Gore know this I wondered?]

I tried not to stare.  I was not successful at it.  I couldn't take my eyes off the whole package she had created for my viewing pleasure. Maybe she was one of those that just wasn't ready, willing or even conceivably able to embrace age gracefully.  She was in all out war with age.  No matter though, it really was still winning though masked a bit heavily through make-up, the wrong hair color and immovable hair.

I felt a bit of panic rise in me.  [Was it inevitable then that I too, with gaining years, would begin to do things that were ridiculous looking to others?]  My husband must have seen what I did about the same time.  He commented about her mile high teased and overly processed sprayed hair, war paint, and style for a woman her age.  He declared that he would tell me if I started to look that like - if I started to tease up high my overly fine, thin hair and spray it so heavily that a match lit within two feet of it would cause an explosion. 

I wondered though if he really would.  Maybe it is unnoticeable when you are with someone day after day after day.  It's like a baby's growth - when you are with it daily you don't notice it as much.  But, when you don't see the baby for a few months you notice huge developmental changes.  [Would he really see it?  I don't think I could count on him to tell him.  Great, now I had two worries; that I would start to morph into something akin to the teased woman I saw, AND Doug wouldn't notice!!]

New to the community, we met a retired gentleman and his wife.  They were gracious and warm and very inviting.  He though had a horrific toupee.  Doug, feeling much like I did when I saw the sprayed and teased hair woman, asked he if temporarily lost his mind in the years to come and thought he needed a toupee would I please stop him! 

I tried to reassure him I would more than stop him.  But then deep inside I wondered again if love over the years cares way less about teased and sprayed hair and toupees than did the onlookers.....

"Well maybe Doug, I will just make sure you get a top quality toupee:)"

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