The most dangerous of all behaviors may consist of doing
things "because we're supposed to".
It just sounds like drudgery doesn't it?  If we have no choice in something there is usually not a ton of joy in it.  If we have no say so or passion for it to drive us, supposed to side steps our real feelings, our real desires.  Ultimately it short circuits the very way God created us to be. 
God does not love us because He has to - because He's supposed to.  He doesn't love us merely because He feels pity for the things He created.  He doesn't love us because we are less than Him.  He loves us because the people He created are designed to be in relationship with the Creator.  He gets a kick out of us.  We are like a new born baby in a mother's arms - amazement to Him.  We don't pause to think about that enough. 
I think God knew much about supposed to living.  He called the Pharisees on it back in the New Testament.  They were motivated to follow the letter of the law, the preciseness of obedience, without a heart of love.  It was no doubt an act of discipline to follow it.  But there was no connection to the reason there was a law to follow in the first place - to God.  
Sometimes it seems that people on the outside of a life of faith in God view it as a life of have tos and musts and supposed tos.  We have taken something that God gave us as a choice - to accept His offer of relationship with Him - and made it full of hoops, rules, and can't's, shoulds and supposed tos.  God isn't interested in that.  That type of living by a line doesn't show love necessarily. 
It's amazing when you love someone what you want to do for them.  Living in a love relationship is not about what you give up, but what you want to do for the other person. 
God could have made us have to love Him.  I mean He is God and can do anything.  Instead, He chose to give us a choice to turn to God in a relationship of choice and love. 
Butterflies are beautiful.  One was majestically floating around by the pool over the weekend.  I watched it free - choosing its patterns of flight without constraints, without have tos.  If I caught that butterfly and put it in a jar, it would still be beautiful but it would not be operating in the design it was created to be in.  By taking away its choice and freedom it ultimately decreases its beauty.  Watching that butterfly grace the world with his unbounded flight is what creates this thing of beauty in a butterfly.
Cake tastes better at a wedding if I have a choice of two or three flavors.
God modeled choice in Jesus giving His life for ours.  Love is a choice in all things.  Love is definitely a choice in a relationship with God.  It's not supposed to be any other way no matter what you think, were taught or have experienced up to the present. 
It's kind of like hugging someone who is stiff and awkward versus hugging someone who is embracing and connected.  One just feels way better!

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