We cleaned out the garage Monday morning.  It was Memorial Day. We were on the heels of moving in this place two weeks ago and were 1800 miles away from family holiday gatherings marking the start of summer.  It was time to tackle the boxes and belongings that don't fit in the house.  To create some order and condense boxes to make room for both cars.

Though we had scaled back a lot of belongings before leaving Indiana for our move to Arizona, there was a small of stack of "stuff" that just didn't really fit esthetically or space- wise with the dwelling we were now in.  As I repacked several boxes and sorted through a few things, I wondered why I bothered to move some of it across the country. I was struck with the mental picture of things that we don't have room for and yet won't part with.

Casually, and with great tenderness, I broached the volume of Christmas decorations we have.  There were in fact 6 tubs and one ginormous box which housed the tree.  I know collectively upon marriage what was mine became Doug's.  And what was Doug's became mine as well.  It literally became ours.  I loved that, all except for 6 tubs and one enormous box with a Christmas tree in it now taking up space in the garage.  I had lost the full basement storage space when we sold our house in Indiana.

Gingerly I mentioned that, due to the decrease in living space, we might not be able to put up "Doug's" big flocked Christmas tree.  I softly suggested that maybe, to not only conserve space in the garage but coupled with the fact that I doubted it would fit in the living room, now might be a great time to get rid of that big tree among a few other things.

Doug, or "Father Christmas" as my family refers to him for his deep love of Christmas and decorating, would hear nothing of the sort.  We had drug 6 big tubs and one ginormous tree across the United States to a dwelling that probably couldn't accommodate it.  He remarked that Christmas would not be the same without all those decorations.  I reminded him that when he met me I had a partial tub of decorations and a small 3 foot Charlie Brown tree and a bowl with Christmas balls I had gotten from Goodwill.  Christmas still rang in my heart - Jesus really didn't need "stuff".

Then I thought about what all I drag with me on a daily basis.  I might have the equivalent of 6 tubs and a ginormous tree weighing me down, taking up space that would be better served by letting them go to Goodwill.  I suppose there is a point with all things we carry, regret, wrestle with to quit hauling them around from place to place. Maybe to not even store them in the garage any more. They eventually just can't be rightfully worked into our present life if we are going to be fully present and connected to the now.

There were things that I had convinced myself were ok to keep holding onto.  I mean if I only visited them, were tormented or wrestled with them once in awhile they weren't taking up that much space.  They weren't really zapping that much mental, emotional and spiritual energy from me, were they? 

Those 6 boxes and ginormous tree box were essential to Christmas, right?  I really wasn't any different than Doug.  My boxes were just inside, but they took up valuable space.  Space in my "garage" was a bit tight.  I suppose it might be time to consolidate, sort and let loose of some "things" too.

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