I have some favorite things.  You no doubt do too.  Call this a blog post forum.  Feel free to leave a comment with something that is your favorite. I'm always looking for new favs.

Just this morning, in making lunch to take with me to work, I finished off what is now one of my favorite dressings.  I went on a hunt for something similar to a salad dressing I had with my brother-in-law, sister and nieces at a restaurant in Sedona, AZ recently.  It was a fig/walnut balsamic dressing and it was good!  After trying to find fresh figs and/or fig paste and walnut oil, I gave up after finding a fig/walnut balsamic dressing in the local Frys Grocery store.  It is absolutely delicious on salads, drizzled on steak, lightly splashed on crunchy steamed vegetables and of late, used as a taste enhancer on my homemade white pizza with onions, fresh mushrooms, green olives, blue cheese crumbles, fresh spinach and/or swish chard piled high.  I am over the moon with this fig/walnut balsamic dressing! 

Having a bit of a gluten intolerance, I have fallen in love with Glutino brand gluten free pretzel sticks.  They don't taste at all like you're missing an ingredient.  In fact they are so good that my husband who has no problem with wheat and gluten prefers them over regular pretzels.  The only thing I don't like about them is the price.  A 14 ounce bag can run $6.00 or more. 

One food item that remains without a doubt one of my favorites is my friend Sharon's tart cherry jam.  She is a bit of a fruit tree crazy lady.  Her yard is full of about any kind of tree fruit you would want; apples, tart pie cherries, pears, peaches, plums.  She supplies me with several jars at a time.  I have one jar left presently and am feeling like a heroine user knowing my supply is low and my addiction is high.  It is the greatest jam.  I look forward to the day her and I are in the assisted living center with one another.  She will no doubt share her stash with me fully then!

My love affair with anything cranberry (but wanting less sugar than is normally associated with cranberries) landed on a Natural Grocers apple juice sweetened dried cranberry that is plump with a bit of tartness to it.  They make Ocean Spray dried cranberries taste like shit.  As of late, my craving for them in anything from salads, to oatmeal, to rice dishes or chicken salad cannot seem to be tamed.  I'm going to make my Aunt Dee and Les' macadamia nut cranberry muffins next. 

ROC extreme wrinkle serum is something I cannot go without.  This morning, trying to garner every last drop of this miracle and somewhat pricey cream, I took the small pump off and unscrewed the lid.  I pounded that small gold bottle on the palm of my hand to get every cream morsel out of it and onto my face where it will soon begin to erase years:)  It has retinol in it with a usage warning of small amounts and the possibility of burning or tingling when applied.  It does none of those things to me when I slather it thickly on.  I have used it for quite some years and must have grown a tolerance for the sting of retinol.  Personally I wish they would add more to it!  It's my fountain of hopeless youth.  Try it!

If I were stranded on a desert island, or war caused me to live in a basement somewhere, I would be ok as long as I had an unlimited supply of Skippy natural creamy peanut butter.  Some years back one of my sister's kids was doing a taste test project in high school about the different brands of peanut butter.  We all had to taste all these different brands.  That is when my up-till-that-test peanut butter of choice was Jiff.  No more.  Skippy has a smoother, creamier and less sweet taste.  I regularly eat 1-2T of the stuff daily.  And, there is usually 2 jars in my pantry just in case I run out.

Lastly, I fell upon a Haagen-Dazs frozen yogurt in the grocery store a few weeks back.  My husband has an affinity for ice cream.  And, if he has a half gallon in the freezer it gets eaten in proportions far greater than the 1/2 c. recommended serving size.  In an attempt to give him some ice cream, a taste now and then, I saw this Haagen-Dazs vanilla yogurt (already lower fat and cholesterol for him!) mixed with raspberry sorbet.  I am not a huge lover of ice cream.  I am now thanks to Haagen-Dazs vanilla yogurt raspberry sorbet swirl!  It's not cheap.  I wish they made it in half gallon containers.  If I do the math correctly on the pint price, a half gallon would be approximately $12.00:) 

These are some of my favs.

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