I thought about significance today.  That word prominently places something to the front, it gives it meaning, definition.  Significance is also a marker.  It plants a stake, builds an altar, frames the moment, the thing, the person, the event, the point in time.  Significance is like a blip on a flat line.

I thought about why it intrigued me.  Was it something I sought?  Does every human being seek it and why?  Is significance directly tied, in our human way of thinking and culture, to value?  If that is the case, why do we need value?  It almost seems to be inherently woven into our DNA from God the Creator.  Think about it, God placed such value in us that He, the Creator of all we know and see, seeks to know the very thing He created.   

I stopped on that thought.  Based on who God is, and that we are the creation He created, value is threaded through us just like hydrogen and oxygen are part of our molecular structure.  We were hard-wired to need, to seek, to hunger for value.  It's how we accomplish that - get to value that determines whether or not we find significance.

I work backwards with certain things.  For instance, and I do not know why, I usually read magazines, and sometimes the newspaper, from the back to the front.  I likewise sometimes figure things out by working backwards.  I'm sure some psychologist some where has a name for a syndrome or learning disability that fits that strange way of thinking.  I think the back side, the back story of anything gives a clearer view of what is on the surface.

Significance is both relative and subjective.  I can find significance as a result of personal accomplishment or public affirmation - those are relative to who I am.  But, that does not necessarily mean you will find value, significance in those same things or the route taken to get to them.  Deep down though we all have a connected and common desire to arrive at significance, real and lasting significance.  We just look for it differently.

Today I remarked to a friend of mine, "I wonder what she is lacking to feel like she needs to get affirmation in a public forum to that extent."  Value.  She is lacking feeling valued would be my guess.  She wants significance in the eyes of others so she utilizes a public forum to try to get it.

I wondered what gives me value.  It starts for me with knowing that I am loved by God Himself.  That is my biggest blip on my flat line.  Everything else is a branch off that.  My significance then comes from operating in knowledge of being loved by God.  And if significance is defined as being anything monumental, markedly outstanding or indicative of great importance, then I can think of no better way to be given value and significance than to know God's deep deep love for me. 

Carried a bit further, love in its purest form gives us the value we all seek.  It gives us significance of the kind intended to be had.  The kind  designed by God who wired our hearts and minds to desire love - God's biggest vehicle of significance. 

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