Some things just are what they are.  Like the day after your youngest child gets married you are going to hole up in the house exhausted and stay in your pajamas.  It's your body and heart's way of catching up to each other finally.  My oldest sister can tell you about it.  She married off her youngest recently.  I felt that way too when I married off my only child.

Some things speak a silent language and we need to be in tune to listen.  Like when we need to get off the hamster wheel and spend time with the people and things that really matter.  Like when our bodies are screaming to stop but we have to do yet one more thing as though the earth will stop rotating if we don't.

Some situations involve not making a single move.  Like when we desperately want a decision to come or a situation to change and yet they don't. Sometimes when we are emotionally spent or too angry decisions and change can be decided upon and met with wrong emotions or from a negatively altered emotional state.

Some days we just need to call in sick.  Like when have reached our maximum limit of sameness, sagging passion or the compiled result of ignoring ourselves for long periods of time.  Once in awhile, even if only borderline ill, we sometimes need a day off work to get our groove back and find our 100% again.

Some people paint sunshine on us like yellow paint on a wall.  They are like sun peeking out after a rain.  They bring peace, love, grace, sarcasm, humor, a positive spin, a warm smile, and a sense of realness in all they are.  They are like a day at the beach.  We need them in our lives!

Some times we need to learn to really forgive ourselves.  Like when we can't allow others to love us fully because we can't fully love ourselves.  Like a helium balloon or a piece of ash from a fire floating in the air, we need to let go of regret and sorrow. 

Some moments need to be replayed on repeat over and over.  Like when we held our children for the first time, the smell of honeysuckle, how true love makes us feel, the memory of those we loved and lost.  Those memories feed our soul.  It gets hungry.

Some things are not meant to be saved.  Like certain destructive relationships, used tea bags, hurtful words and old margarine containers.  Those things are best thrown out or recycled.

Some parts of life are hard.  Like grief, sorrow, illness, loss.  They are seasons and pieces but they do not make up the whole of our life's experiences. It's good to keep that in mind when they want to crush our spirits.

Some days seem longer than others.  Like when it's 2:00 p.m. on a Monday at work compared to a Saturday at 2:00 p.m.  Wanting something else other than what you have always makes time appear to snail crawl.  Not wanting what we desire to end seems to usher in time faster.

Some is just that - only part of something bigger.  Like my life is part of Dougs, Hannah and Brandons, Heather and Aaron and the girls, Nicki and Ben, my parents, my sisters and their families, my friends, etc...   Some is always way better than none and part of something more.  

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