I have a certain kind of running shoe that I am now addicted to.  It's my husband's fault.  He turned me onto this particular model of shoe from his marathon running days.  It really does beat any running shoe I've tried previously. Just like a junkie who can't go without a fix, I am panicked over needing a new pair of running shoes but not being able to locate my Asics DS Trainer 17's in my 7.5 size. 

Do I love the yellow color, no!  But they weigh 8.8 ounces and allow this no-sock runner amazing comfortability.  I can literally take a brand new pair of them out of the box, slip my sockless feet in them and take off without a concern of a new shoe blister.  Some of you right now are hung up back on my opening statement of having a running shoe that I am addicted to.  That is unfathomable to you, especially Big D my non-exercising friend.  Still others are hung up on the fact that I don't wear socks when I run.

Recently I was in a shoe store purchasing a pair of Ryder flip flops (like butter to walk on!).  I was checking out with a young gentleman cashier.  He said the blurb that management probably makes them say to promote whatever sale they are currently having, "Our sport socks are on sale.  They are buy one pack get another free."  I responded, "No thanks, I don't wear socks.  Ever." 

Why he needed to delve further into my no sock wearing stance, I don't know.  He did and I went further hoping to stop the sock talk.  "So, never do you wear socks?  Do you run?"  I found it humorous that my not wearing socks amazed him.  There is a whole no-sock sub culture out there that socked footed folk just can't understand.  "I never wear them.  And yes I run.  I do not ever wear socks when I run, even in the dead of winter with snow on the ground.  I feel claustrophobic and weighted down with socks.  I like freedom.  So, I don't need one pack let alone two."  He laughed with and at my solid and quite firm view of socks. 

I have searched nearly every website looking for my size 7.5 Asics 8.8 ounce DS Trainer 17s.  Why shoe companies, and clothing lines, feel the need to update styles from year to year just completely pisses off this consumer.  They are a perfect weight, don't come up too far near my ankle, don't pressure the back of my heel and don't over support my arch. 

Since I am past my max running miles logged on my shoes, and I couldn't find my Asics 8.8 ounce size 7.5 DS 17 Trainer running shoes, I had to step out and order another brand.  Last time I ordered my Asics shoes my husband told me to order three pair as he is experienced with losing a style you love as they unveil next year's version. I did not.  I should have listened to him.  I didn't want to spend that kind of money on three pair of shoes, two of which would just sit unused until the pair before them became exhausted from wear. 

My husband looked on e-bay where he found a pair in my size listed by an individual.  I wanted to know why they were selling and had they worn them.  I really wanted to know why, if you were a runner, you would sell such an amazing pair of running shoes. Big D must have bought them with great intentions but then realized running shoes typically involve running.

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  1. Oh good you noticed them! I was afraid someone might snatch them up before you... =D