Where is the point where nakedness is frowned on, even considered distasteful?  Is it based on the age of the person, the intent of the nakedness, the environment in which the nakedness occurs? 

If you have some knowledge of the Bible, you might remember that when God created Adam and Eve he didn't put them in clothes.  He created this masterpiece of art, the human body, and let it be displayed.  There was no "wrong" in being who they were created to be.  And, a part of that was in the natural state of a human body.  Now some might argue that before the fall of man [ie, Adam and Eve in the Garden eating from a tree that God told them not to eat from] there may have been no real need for clothes as temperatures were probably somewhat Mediterranean.  No clothes were needed either because Adam and Eve were operating totally in the way they were created and intended to be. 

Something that God intended for purity and goodness became tainted.  And when it did, it created shame.  That's what happens inside of us when we know we colored outside the lines in life.  When we know we took something intended for good and marginalized it, dirtied it, cheapened it.

My husband was perusing Instagram pictures that random people post.  Some are amazing shots of an image that is highlighted in such a way that the end result makes the object even grander than it might actually be outside of a stellar photo shot.  Other shots take something big and not intended for capture and shrink it down, taking away its purity and grandeur.

Our nudity discussion launched when he showed me an Instagram picture posted by someone he didn't know at all.  The picture, no doubt taken by a smitten and amazed new father or mother, was of a minutes old newborn baby boy.  The picture was shot above the baby but from the feet to head angle.  And obviously, as should be the case in the male gender, displayed in full living color was his male genitalia.  I think my husband said something like, "Do we need to see on Instagram a shot of a newborns testes?"

Technology too often takes things intended for privacy and intimacy and declares them to the world stage.  That picture was one of them.  Why was it ok to take that picture and post it?  If the kid was 6 months, a year, 3 years old would it be less acceptable?  Why is a picture of a grown man's testes plastered on instagram (would not be allowed) or other sites considered wrong, but the innocence of an infant makes that raw shot of that baby ok?  I am not advocating either shots!

I'm a bit of a freeist.  I don't belong to a nudist colony partly because, mixed in with my freedom of loving little to no clothes, I also have a huge problem with laughing and thinking much like a junior high girl still. Mostly I don't belong to a nudist colony because it's probably outside of the social norm though nudity was ordained originally by God.  Part is parts is said by my dear friend in reference to how every person has body parts, and though slightly sculpted differently, they are similar. Viewed like that, nudity is just that - the created by God body uncovered, unplugged, unclothed.  

I did lose all sense of caring who saw my nakedness while in labor with my daughter 26 years ago.  The hospital I was in for her birth was in the throws of a major labor and delivery wing renovation.  That meant, in layman's terms, when you were ready to deliver - head crowning and pushing occurring, you were wheeled by the public elevators down the hall to the delivery room.  I was in too much pain to care that the sheet kept slipping off me as I was wheeled by elevator bank A. 

When my paternal grandfather was dying of brain cancer, and not in his right mind, I helped him to the bathroom.  There was no shame for him or for me to see those parts and pieces on my grandfather.  I loved him.  As he neared the end, I changed his diaper.  His body was carrying his soul and spirit and they were in the process of trying to separate from his body. 

As we get ready to die we pass again into that state God originally intended for us from the beginning -  seeing our bodies as a vessel, a work of art intended to carry us from life to death.  There is no shame in that at all.  At all.  Too bad something good has been tainted.

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