Some people want to give you their opinion when you haven't asked for it, and don't need or want it.  It's not about them in anyway shape or form.  The issue isn't moral or ethical or vegetable or mineral but purely and solely subjective. It is not even directly connected to them. What they say will have absolutely no determining factor in what you are doing whatsoever other than irritating the shit right out of you.

Sometimes though I do want others opinions.  I want their view, their feedback, their two thumbs down or four star rating.  I need it because I am lacking a piece to the puzzle, an answer I am seeking, their experience bank or knowledge base.  It still quite possibly might be an issue that is not directly related to them either, but I need something they have to finish a decision, come to a conclusion, move on, gather a battle plan, etc..... 

Opinions are way different than facts.  Sometimes I don't have all the facts.  In that case(s) I want your information to be forthcoming even if I don't ask for it.  You don't even know that you don't know which makes giving someone vital information they may be lacking so very important. Opinions are not that. Opinions are highly subjective.

I recently picked out paint samples to sift through to determine the colors to be used in painting the interior of our whole house.  After sifting through dozens and dozens of color combinations based on the color scheme of the tile we were putting in the house, whether we wanted to lean toward warmer or cooler colors, a palette of three colors was decided upon. 

Once I decide something, actually make the decision to do or not do something, it is over for me.  Pretty much the decision is iron-clad as I have looked at options, garnered viewpoints and opinions, gotten all the information I can, and then felt my way to the final decision.  Maybe that's not how you are and what I am saying is like listening to Pennsylvania Dutch (reference is for my Mennonite and/or Amish backgrounded readers!).

When I met the painters at the house to get a quote, I took my color samples.  I wanted them to know that my leg of the journey was over - color decided.  The husband of the painting company tried to sway me with his opinion.  I took it for only so long.  His wife explained that John's opinions on colors either changes people's minds or solidifies further the decision they already made.  I told her I was in the later category.  He would not be living there or paying for it so what he thought on colors was immaterial to me.

I did not care what he thought of my paint colors [even though he did love them and said they were all the rage coming back in style again] or that he thought I should go a bit darker and use the lighter color for accent walls.  I had already poured over sample after sample with the new flooring, with our furniture, with the look I knew I was trying to create, while understanding I like lots of light in a room.  He was not swaying me one iota.

I did not need his opinion on my color choices, but rather his knowledge as a professional painter on sheen, coats, methods of painting, time frame and ultimately PRICE!!  I explained to him that he would not change my mind and these were the colors.  We were moving onward from opinions to knowledge thank you:)

Our realtor, whom I love deeply, tried his opinions on me many times.  My answer to his opinions on everything was finally, "Randy, unless you are spending your money I don't care about your opinion!"  He roared in laughter.

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  1. So is he painting your house or is he in traction?