People tease me about what I eat; a half a turkey sandwich, carrots, salad, fruit, nuts, avocados, oatmeal, anything in a raw state.   I actually love the taste of that stuff and crave it.  They say that's not enough food or good food.  I beg to differ.  My motto is if it's crunchy, green or uncooked count me in!

I realize that is not every one's cup of tea.  Especially not Big D, my McDonald loving friend.  I tell her it's poison folded in a yellow wrapper.  Fillet O Fish is not the same as a piece of wild caught salmon or orange roughy broiled with lemon and non-salty seasonings.  If you have to slather it with tartar sauce there must be a taste lack.  Big D was oh so proud of herself last week when, after much cajoling from me, confessed that even though she broke down and had McDonalds it was a fish sandwich and she requested "light" tartar sauce. 

I do though once in awhile get a hankering for a steak or a greasy burger.  I indulge knowing I will pay a price later for it as my body just doesn't eat that stuff enough to build up a tolerance in my digestion for it.  It tastes superb going down but the agony of the next 5 hours is misery!  Age and disease are common bedfellows for me!

Just recently I had me one of those hankerings.  I think that craving occasionally comes from the fact that I don't eat high fact or tons of protein so eventually my body screams  I NEED SOME FAT!!!!  I NEED SOME PROTEIN!!!!!  Being in one of those cycles, I mentioned to Doug that I was so hungry for a burger.  He obliged my craving since it allows him the chance to eat it too which is far to rare for him being married to the raw veggie queen. 

Where to go?  I did not want to waste this rarity of eating a burger on a mediocre one.  No McDonalds or Red Robin for me.  I did not want In and Out Burger (yuck!) or 5 Guys as my stomach nor eyes can view a grease soaked brown paper bag while eating knowing that my insides now will look the same as that bag. 

After some rave reviews by others, we went to Brown Bag, a burger joint.  Now there is nothing special about the atmosphere.  The setting is small and cramped.  It's the kind of place you go to eat and leave, not sit and socialize.  I could feel my mouth watering as Doug ordered a 14 ounce burger to share between us.  Their burgers don't come any smaller than 7 ounces and the 14 ounce was less bread and money than two 7 ouncers.

We ordered it with everything; lettuce, cheese (swiss), bacon, tomatoes, onions, ketchup and mustard and pickles.  They will even cut the burger down the middle as sharing is a regular thing there I assume.  It came in an orange plastic basket with a wax paper liner with a stack of fries off to one side.
[When was the last time I ate a burger like that?  I couldn't even remember!] 

If you can have an orgasmic experience with food, then I did.  The first bite was exactly what my palate desired.  I could not stop saying things like; oh my word!! This is amazing!!  One of the best burgers I have ever eaten!!   My husband laughed at my pure delight in that burger.  He was also in shock stating, "I don't think I've ever seen you eat something like that!"  That was a true statement. 

I finished off my half with a feeling of deep satiation.  It was a winning combination of needed fat and protein on a bun.  Later that day, long after it was chewed and swallowed, I couldn't shake its goodness.  My digestion was in utter agony but my mouth was so satisfied.  Here's to you Big D!

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  1. Welcome to the dark side Nanc! I'll scoot over an make room for you!