My daughter is 26 today.  I laughed with her as we talked this morning about all the things that she does now that she never wanted to do earlier in life.  I listed them for her; cook, sew, exercise, eat good food, landscape, run, eat anything cranberry-ish.  She laughed at the thought of the metamorphosis that has occurred in her life.

A lot happens to all of us in a year's span no matter your age.  Life moves, changes, hits us in the face, propels us away or towards things.  I think that is good because it helps to keep us occupied with living so as not to notice that we are a year further up the life scale. 

There was some great stuff in her life this year.  There was as well some very tough and heart breaking things too.  It's part of what brings us to the close of a year and the beginning of another on our birthday.  It's that day where we breath out with relaxation a bit - time stops for a day and we just get to be.  If we're smart, we celebrate what we gained, celebrate how we survived, celebrate how time has made us better inside because of all we felt, saw, said, heard and experienced the previous year. 

We come to our birthday a little bit different than the year before.  We cannot help but to be  changed by the things we go through.  I like to think we are refined with each year - the trivial fades away, the non-essentials drop to the way side, the piddlie shit is washed off. 

Birthdays are sort of like boy scout badges.  We become smarter, hopefully that is, with each passing year. We have earned the right to know more by experience, joy, heartache, and just by living every day.  I told a good friend of mine today, "age does amazingly good things for us heart and mind wise, but it sure sucks body-wise!"

To my beautiful daughter Hannah: I am so glad you were born 26 years ago. 
I have loved you and who you were at each year to the passing of 25 to 26 as well. 
You are amazing in who you are right now and who you will continue to become. 
Happy birthday my beautiful beautiful daughter!

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