I had a friend recently ask where I had been in blog posting for 3.5 weeks.  I gave them a general, vague answer.  After I responded, I regretted not flinging my normal sarcastic answer.  My response to their rhetorical question was, "Urgent shit over important:(  I continue to wrestle that back in its place and fight to keep it there.  Willy nilly events took over my deliberate relentless desire and need to write daily." 
To be honest, that urgent shit over important phrase is the brackets that hold those 3.5 weeks of blogging silence.  No doubt it is the brackets for what pulls you as well from the stuff you want to be deliberate at to the stuff that screams for attention sometimes.  The length of time under my belt of living still has not totally erased that tug of war to keep the important on top of the urgent.

When you work a 40 hour work on top of trying to pen 800-1000 words of important crappola daily, or least 4-5 times a week, it doesn't take much of a wave to cause a flood.  It pretty much leaves no built in time for error, emergencies, house projects, moves, or physical struggles.  I fight to not give in to those things as hard as I can, but they swooped in for a time.  I absolutely hate when my very deliberate and relentless ways get side-tracked. 

I have favorite subject matters to write about [if you are a follower of this blog you have picked up readily on them] - boobs, aging, raging about something or another, people's stories, my take on God.  Someone left a comment on my post entitled, WIGS AND BOOB JOBS ...."Boobs - welcome back to the blog!"  Writing about anything with word boob in it gets me lots of hits and reads from confused porn surfers.  I guess I'm a bit of a writing tease in the world of GOOGLE.

Diarrhea has also been a common theme in my writing.  That magical problem of mine reared its head several times during that 3.5 week blog post writing absence.  In fact for several days on two occasions during my recent "sabbatical", as my friend referred to my extended writing silence, I was down for the count.  I hate that piece of my life, but I have no control over it [pun intended].  When it comes into play, there are stretches of days where not much to virtually nothing gets done, writing included.  I suppose I could have shared that in detail with my friend but figured it was pretty graphic, too much detail to explain and I didn't want to waste my words on that. 

We also moved into a house we bought after moving 1800 miles across the country 4 months ago.  The move into this house came after rolling into town on April 28th at the Hampton Inn where we stayed for 2.5 weeks followed by a two month rental stint in a condo until we started major renovations on the house we bought.  All that on top of starting new jobs on May 1st.  I have been running a bit on empty.

Suffice to say, that much activity in that short amount of time whipped my ass!  My physical issues only got exacerbated with my I-will-not-slow-down-despite-what-I-feel, way too much of most everything including; a change in time zones, 3 moves in a short time, a new job, contractors from hell, time table issues and an elevation of almost a mile. 

My horoscope in the paper one day read,  "You have the ability to endure and push past what most people stop at."  Hmmmm...... did they know about my diarrhea and massive digestive issues?  The next day though it read,   "You will have conflict with friends."  Is there a statute of limitations on those horoscopes because, as of today anyway, I have not had conflict with friends.  That is the Gospel isn't it?

After a season I realized I could not continue like that without a stay in the hospital and I  decided it best to come to a screeching halt.  That halt included trying to stop all that was totally unnecessary to survive and regain some stamina.  Unfortunately, I needed the energy I used for writing normally for other things - healing, getting re-centered, and from moving further than from the bathroom to the couch at times.

I have come to realize I am not always the brightest bulb on the planet when it comes to stopping the madness.  Obviously that probably negates some of my IQ points. Oh I hear the warnings, see the signs clearly, I just push way past them much of the time.  My horoscope said so too. 

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