Just once, for an entire day, I am going to will myself to not ask any questions to facilitate conversation with others.  I am taking a question hiatus.  If the conversations that day become short and sweet, so be it.  I'm not going to ask a single blasted question, just for one day.  I wonder how much free time I might create that day if conversations ended quicker without my questions to spur people on to talk?
Do I think I could really go through a whole day without conversational questions? Without my curiosity or caring exploding through questions?  Questions are how I learn, how I express care, and how I give others the green light to just let down and be themselves. I'd like to think I could go one day without asking questions of any kind.  But then again, I know certain people who think they can go without McDonald's but their track record clearly shows that special sauce sucks them back time and time again. Today I wanted the monkey off my back.
I am struck by how far open the door flings when I ask people questions.  Today in particular I grew weary of hearing people talk, with the exception of a few anyway:)  Right after I asked a question, which led to more talking and another question, I was regretting I had asked to begin with.  That in turn perpetuated me having to listen, talk and continue to engage.  It wasn't just because of the sad information they shared that caused me to shut down, I just didn't have what it took to be as engaged in listening as normal.  My cylinders were not firing at full capacity.
I've been so seriously ill at points in my life that the thought of someone gently laying me on a cool white hospital sheet was appealing.  Needed actually.  Today I suppose I just needed quiet.  I surely didn't help myself by continuing to ask everyone I came in contact with tag questions!  What in the world is wrong with me!! Today I didn't want to care as deeply as I usually do.  I wanted a hiatus from peoples stories, their tales, even meaningless drivel.  I guess I was questioned, listened and talked out.

Today I also went to that happy place we all go to in our heads when someone is droning on and on and on.  Before I parked my ass in my mental happy place, I made a mental checklist;  [nod appropriately, say uh-huh and oh occasionally, throw in the random REALLY once in awhile and by all means do let your eyes glaze over or show that you are vacant behind your eyes].  I was there most of the day, in my happy place, silently willing the talkers to stop talking.  


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