I FEEL _________________________.

I thought about what makes us feel certain ways.  There are most definitely things that we know how we will feel as a result of; a kiss, a kind word, a compliment, loss, hurtful words, unmet expectations, a long day of work, watching a sad movie, holding a newborn baby, tinkering on a classic car, going for a spin on the motorcycle, our favorite sports team wins, Thanksgiving with those we love, watching one of our kids get married, saying goodbye to our family.

Our emotions, our feelings, can be predictable with much of what we encounter.   That doesn't mean at all that they are blasé or common.  They are rich and deep, but the cause of them of is known, understood, experienced and expected.

Then there are vague feelings, non-directional emotions that are just not very definable.  We don't know why we feel them, what caused them, or how to understand what to do with them.  They are cloud cover feelings.

We say we are out of sync, out of sorts, in a funk, punk, blue, grumpy, unsettled, off kilter, disagreeable.  They come and usually go like a cloudy day in Arizona.  But, they come from no where it seems.  Why I wonder?  Physiologically there are probably some contributing factors.  But even those contributors are vague, unscientific, not predictable or even legitimate much of the time. 

Maybe it's like why we dream the things we dream about - we just don't know.  Is it the last thought in our head mixed with our subconscious thoughts which churn out some strange dream?  Did we eat something that causes our system to be in flux instead of restoration mode while we sleep?  Probably somewhere someone thinks they know why we dream the things we do.  I think they are full of crap.  Some things aren't explainable, definable or able to be fully processed this side of heaven.

My boss graciously gave me his sore throat and cold.  That's what happens when I leave my pen on his desk!  I hate feeling not physically 100%.  It's uncomfortable, but mostly having congestion and a sore throat is just inconvenient and highly temporary.

There is no real point to this picture other
than it made me laugh.  There is probably
no real point to those emotionally vague or
grouchy days.  We as humans though
do have wieners, and emotions!

That is my best explanation of those days when feelings and emotions cause us to be a bit off for no real definable reason.  Though highly inconvenient, annoying to us and probably those closest to us, they are very transient.  We are emotional creations of God.  We get to feel all kinds of things, including some vague grouchy out of sync days. 
Maybe the coo-coo clock just needs to be re-wound. Mostly I think it's because we were not created to be robots.  It's just part of our human design like it or not sometimes.

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